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    Default World-Omega 2 ​Will's Rainbows

    World-Omega 2 Will's Rainbows

    All Spectra Everywhere Spurring Blizzard Waterfall

    Bunny's 9 becomes what 8 opens the first with both ends connecting Infinities-Ultimate together for Omega Prophecy to behead Rainbow's 2 outlining spectra bubbling upwards in spectra dazzling Everywhere along Time for All Worlds of Light webbed across Will's Rainbows above Raptor's 4 mundane by metaphysical Mountaintops from Kingdom Hearts springing Heaven's Worldbuilding Matrices free Forever All Ways beyond Time centered around Everyone's Wishes made kissing twice frontwards back atop lightningbolts Envisioning One World inverted Ni 6 reversed ahead Choices backwards Everywhere afront Chaos playing upon programmed foundations finally inside penetrating past old restrictions outside pushed programming impossibilities Now possibilities Always within soaring contingently unleashing through Presenting Nothingness into endless expansions leveling up 1 transcending Earth and revolving Wills. All spectra Everywhere will be unleashed to Create Holonet lightningbolts shooting across in 2 webs around All of Infinities-Ultimate by Will's Rainbows Forever through beaming without end.

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    Sagacious American Hamburger hawk dive bombs through the Iraqi astral plane and explodes into a trillion treats; shrinking children of the libra-like lesbian limousine parade in the cacophonous cactus confetti sinks the holy origin of alpha-q bladderbaggin blisterbusting baseballbanging buddha buildings of the United Somatotypical MultinationalAssociation (the USMA (OOS-MAH), a highly respected practice of programming artificial anuses for the execretion-impaired) which migrated from late 1952s to maximize full human flying potential which is approximated as the tip of Mount Fuji's penis obelisk empire especially hand crafted by the native Mongolian sun people.

    I even attempted translating that: the wise (s for sarcastically) patriotics of the type three culture dies inside when his small fellow comrades takes the equally fair (and especially promising) alternative route to a non-Christian religion (hence the blinding and prickling sensatons yet surely enough showing signs of future success). It, on the surface, appears appealing (with all the fancy alliterations, who wouldn't!?) even to the average blue collar worker who works with some of the grossest jobs (showing that even from the lowest background, he looks forward to the shiny golden ticket to spiritual prosperity). The religion is old as it is a wise one but other worldly and built by seemingly single minded people unsighted by the very fruits of their labor. They too are no similar faces to even the mightiest practices.

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