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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephano View Post
    Wow, I'm sorry for you, that is harsh. The thing is, if hypothetical ghosts were able to move stuff around I wonder why it wouldn't happen more often. Usually such things often happen in some kind of "jinxed" places where people were murdered or committed suicide. I think that's more often than not the reflections of subconscious or conscious fears as a result of a general higher awareness of the environment. They tend to rate any unusual event as something related to something supernatural. In your case it seems to be something really strange btw.
    I think people should be aware of such phenomenas and it shouldn't be swept under the carpet. It's really debatable since many people think these things can happen.
    I actually didn't really know her well, but yeah, harsh. I guess my real question is, do these kinds of things really matter? People get really attached to the spookiness of the whole deal. But I honestly do believe that if this sort of thing was reproducible, it wouldn't be 'supernatural' it would be science. There is resistance to new ideas in the scientific world, but we've had since Greek times, the dawn of modern thought, to start gathering data on this, and it hasn't emerged as a verified phenomena.

    I know what I saw, and I know similar things that I've seen and experienced, but given what the rest of the world also knows, where does it put me and what I know? This is the real question.

    EDIT: Hah, I used to think about this stuff a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    I don't believe in any.

    We are talking about things for which no human being has ever once in history made a confirmable record of, which no human being with a vested interest in the truth of has come forward to confirm in a scientific manner, and which are usually based on something that would run in contradiction with some fundamentally established aspect of science. You could say I don't know it's false for sure, but you can also say that I don't know the earth orbits the sun for sure.

    There are things in this world that we don't understand, but that lack of understanding does not default to it being something spiritual, ghostly, etc.. It's nothing more than a point that we don't yet have the tools to analyze and figure out.

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    I've experienced one precognitive event. I was sleepy at the time (from studying stuff) but all of a sudden, I felt a wave of alertness and I knew that something was going to happen and it did.

    The one paranormal phenomenon which many of us have experienced (94% in kids according to an Ohio State University survey) but haven't given much thought to is the sense of being stared at. I often know when someone's looking at me (even from the back). I'd get a feeling, like a type of pressure, and when I turn my head, I'd see someone looking at me.

    Here are two accounts from Rupert Sheldrake's book "The Sense of Being Stared At":

    "I was attending a lecture when fifteen minutes into the program I felt a prickle and uncomfortable. When I turned around, seven rows back I found my husband's ex-wife staring at me."

    "When my sister and I were small and shared a room, I came to realize that when she was sleeping all I needed to do was look at her and she woke up. This would happen almost invariably, so when I didn't want to wake her when leaving or entering the room, I avoided looking at her. This was more difficult in reality than it seems in the telling. When I failed and gazed to see if she was awake, she would immediately awaken."
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    Well, I am kind of on the fence here. I have experienced some things you would call paranormal. I was in a city with a friend that is supposedly very haunted. We went down to this town to see if any weird things would happen to us. well, we walked by a graveyard and he felt like someone poking him with something and i heard a few different whispers. Another time i was staying at a lake house and i s aw a green ball of light morph into a apparition and start walking along the shore line of the lake. Odd thing about that house was that all my cousins and anyone who came to stay at the house all experienced something odd happening to them. My Uncle went down in the basement and saw some little girl, and my cousin had a dream about the little girl and he said could feel her touch him. My parents and my other relatives all had uneasy feelings while in that house, but those feelings went away as soon as we were out of the house. There obviously could be some rational explanations for all that, but I just couldn't really explain any of it. I can see why people believe in paranormal and I can see why others would find it all bullshit.

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    Not at all.

    Not that I completely disregard the possible existence of paranormal phenomena. But in the absence of empirical evidence I have no reason to believe.

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    Hell no. Those who care enough to look will find the truth, which is always a logical explanation.

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    i do but like qlip i don't like that term either. it makes it sound hokey. i'm spiritual and believe spirits that have passed will visit and i believe they can sometimes transfer information to us. several people in my family have had experiences with loved ones that have passed.
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    This is a tough topic for me, I've dealt with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, and I was always very flamboyant my whole life. So, if I told people I saw ghosts or had sleep paralysis and I saw people touch me, it would actually sound ordinary coming from a person like me. I've been terrified of 'spirits' my whole life as long as I can remember. I saw the skeleton key when it first came out, I think I was 8? I did not sleep for months hahaha. I've always heard voices and saw things since I was little, but I learned to block it out or have my mother convince me I have a very active imagination. I've been tested for schizophrenia and observed with out my knowing, a couple times. I was so convinced last year after messing around with a bunch of psychedelics I had some sort of drug induced form of hallucinating, but it all didn't add up. I could tell the difference between reality very well. I'm a very functional basketcase so to speak, who is TOO open.

    Alright long story short, I saw a well known licensed spirtual healer because I was having night terrors, had people talking to me and could not tell if I was just imagining it all, She confirmed everything I've been feeling, and helped me get rid of two spirits attached to me since I was a little girl. She told me I've been an "empath?" my whole life and I'll probably end up doing what she does when I'm ready to embrace my spirtual healing side I guess. I have it all recorded and it was so vague. My mother believes in spirits and my dad is terrified catholic who believes he'll basically go to hell for dealing with this stuff lol. my mother spoke to her afterwards and the spiritual healer explained when my mother asked "is she physic?" and she replied "oh she's very fucking psychic" ahahaha. I don't know, it's still a lot for me to take in or even fully believe. The significant event in my life that makes me believe I actually have some sorta of connection is when I told my friend a detailed full story about this boy who use to live in her house. I swear to god she told me about it, but apparently she didn't. She bursted into tears and basically had a panic attack. and then I started crying too! I didn't know what was happening.

    Lately I'll have dreams and see visions and such. but not full on figures I can talk to clearly. I do not hear voices everywhere I go...and they are 12x more prominent when I'm I think I have some severe anxiety towards this all affecting any "gift" I have. It's all in the back of head 24/7 so I don't know if i'm just a traumatized druggie sucker some days, or if i'm in the movie the sixth sense.

    I take flower essence everyday, yarrow, corn, and moutain prim something idk and I constantly sage my room and house and take lavender sea salt baths. I was instructed to do this? So It seems positive enough and they all relax me so why not? all I know is I really need to stop smoking so much weed alone. LOL. Because that is when I freak out. When I'm sober and hear voices i'm not as afraid at all, but i'm already in my own head high so it's terrifying, holy shit. I can't tell if i'm just high or actually hearing shit.
    I'm trying to get a job in the summer at this healing store a couple towns over I was recommended to work there so i'm excited! the owner is my moms friend who recommended the spirtual healer I went too, So i feel safe there and excited to learn!
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    Yup. It's a mix of things:
    1. Validation for those who have experienced something I have not. It's hard to say no to people who know what they saw and heard. I have no proof otherwise. And I know too many intelligent, rational people that don't have irrational fears that have experienced something in the paranormal realm.
    2. I like the idea of it.
    3. I like keeping an open mind to possibilities.
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