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    I wouldn't expect anyone I liked to go to church with me (or to a temple or guruduwara, for that matter). The choice is up to them, whether they wish to go with me or not. It's their free will.

    Just as I don't force my religious beliefs on anyone, I don't appreciate anyone trying to convert me into atheism.
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    Default Looking Up and Looking Down

    For millennia we lived in a universe we did not understand.

    But as we are meaning creating animals we created a meaning for the universe.

    Our first attempt to create a meaning for the universe was to look upwards.

    We looked upwards at the clouds and imagined they were populated with Gods who provided an explanation for everything that happened on Earth.

    But recently, rather than looking up for an explanation of the universe, we have looked down.

    We have looked down in the physical world and discovered Quantum Mechanics, which accurately explains the physical world.

    We looked down in the living world and discovered Natural Selection which accurately describes the world of living creatures.

    And we looked down in the social world and discovered that child rearing practices explain everything from personality to social movements and war.

    So to understand our physical, living, and social worlds, all we need to do is to look down rather than looking up.

    And if we continue to look up, we are compromised.
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    Yes, I'd be willing to convert to another religion if my significant other wanted it, but it's more than likely that it would be in name only. I think it would be really difficult for me to adopt prescribed religious principles and beliefs wholesale; plus I don't really derive any solace from group worship or religious community. Sometimes, it even makes me uncomfortable. And I don't think that would change easily. So yeah.

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    I would go with a platonic friend any time - out of curiosity. What's the harm? Could be interesting. In fact, I have recently been to a Sikh gurudwara.

    A romantic interest or partner though? Hell no. I can't see myself in a long term relationship with somebody religious. That would be a red flag. If my partner suddenly turned religious I would be very, very worried about what drives them to change like that. I couldn't teach my kids something I don't believe in and even consider harmful, so even if I could tolerate religion in a partner, there would be no longterm potential.
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    i'm the kind of person who is open minded and adventurous, especially when it comes to people i care about and the things they care about.

    that said, i take spirituality pretty seriously and could never see myself changing my beliefs for anyone.

    so, yeah i'd go, assuming i didn't feel like they were pushing me too much. but if i felt pressure to 'convert', i think i would react pretty negatively, and not going to church with them could become a part of my protest.
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    I dated an ESFJ girl that wanted me to go to Church with her, because it was important to her that I respected her faith. She was also worried that if I didn't go to mass and she went by herself, people would whisper about my absence.

    /small town problems.

    From these experiences I decided that, barring my own conversion to Christianity, I was never going to date another extremely Christian person again. If faith is that important to you in a partner, date someone who is Christian. What's so hard about that? Don't expect me to fundamentally alter my beliefs just to suit yours...I wouldn't expect that of you.

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