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    Default How much for your privacy?

    Let's say someone came up to you with this offer:
    You will sell your entire privacy. Everywhere you go, there will be hidden cameras following your every move. Not only in public, not only in your house, not only on the toilet, not only in the shower, EVERYWHERE. Everything you say, everything you write, everything you do will be registered. To top it off, the whole world will be able to watch whatever you do 24/7. Everybody will be able to find out wherever you are right now, wherever you're planning to go. Everybody will be able to read all your texts and e-mails and listen to all your phone calls. If anybody would like to find out how many times you farted today and when you farted and if anybody seemed to notice, they will be able to look it up. Even all the times you pooped will be registered, with a description of when, where and how you pooped and how much your poop weighed. If they even want to look at what your poop looked like, they will be able to find a picture of that too. Everybody in the entire world will be able to know more about you than the NSA knows about you now. Everything you do this year will be public domain and will stay that way for the rest of eternity. The only things that will stay private will be your thoughts and your passwords (because that would be too inconsiderate).
    Now my question is: for how much would you sell your privacy for a year? How much for two years? Ten years? The rest of your life?
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    More money than anyone would be willing to pay.

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    It sounds like it has the potential to be a self-sustaining documentary about a guy who's out to check off a bucket list.

    However much money it would take to hire armed escorts and travel the world. Travel to remain in the decent graces of the public, armed escorts to stave off the occasional nutter who would think I was the antichrist.

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    none money. fuck that. get off my lawn!
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    $10 million minimum for one year.

    After that, I'm not sure I could do it longer for any amount of money.
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    I'd do it for a year for a decent sum of money.

    I would spend that year as a boring hermit, meditating in some compound somewhere. Nobody would get much information about me, nobody would bother to tune in anyway; and I'd get sweet, sweet cash and a new life experience.

    For the rest of my life? Yeah.. that's akin to selling my soul. Then again, it's also close to what celebrities experience--they get a bunch of money and have very little privacy, what with taking trips to the beach and exposing their cellulite or somesuch to the paparazzi.

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