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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Linguist View Post
    The power to do evil is greater than the power to do good.


    The power to do good is greater than the power to do evil.


    (If there is a thread like this, I apologize, but I could not find it.)
    Good and Evil themselves are only adjectives that are applied to things as you suit them. What is "Good" to Bob might actually be "Evil" to Jill so the terms are very arbitrary. I know what you mean but I just thought that that had to be pointed out.

    I'd say that the power to do Evil is alot easier to do in a physical sense but harder in an emotional sense (unless you are insane of course). The power to do Good may be easy in both ways depending on what kind of "Good" it is, it may be a simple wrapped gift or a new technology that will benefit society, "Good" is much more broadly defined that "Evil".

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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    Evil = easier, Good = more potential to change things, I would say.
    I agree with this, except I would say that the power to do good has more potential to change things in a positive way. That, to me, makes the power to do good greater.

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    If good is described only as that which changes then actions often deemed evil would actually be the most efficient methods of doing good.
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