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    No, because I don't fear oblivion.

    I find many people believe in God just for the sake of security of comfort. It doesn't mean that their relation is truly genuine. Whether or not God exists or doesn't, it doesn't change that fact that we are a small part of a greater whole.

    I think it's actually more liberating because you become more open to the possibilities, you go to explore. You are intrigued by the mystery and it becomes addicting. You face the unknown rather than run from it.
    "There is nothing better than oblivion, since in oblivion there is no wish unfulfilled."

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    Not at all. In fact, it's comforting to know that there's nothing out there that tries to tell me what is universally, morally "right" and what is "wrong".

    I mean, I'm Atheist leaning Asatru, so...It doesn't bother me.
    people who expect a change
    who can't throw away their humanity
    who stay idle in growth
    who won't dirty their hands
    those are the most terrifying of monsters

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