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    Default The Truths of Larry Allen

    Dear Friend,

    Without love, we "are" nothing.

    For what we call consciousness, and what we call love, are one in the
    self-same thing.

    We fail to perceive this reality owing to the demands made upon us by
    the source of our very being. Which source itself we (necessarily)

    For we believe we are self-made on the one hand, or we believe we are
    the by products of our parents copulation on the other. Metaphysical
    vs. physical.

    Both of which ideas are centered in the ignorance of our very true

    There is no dream in the absence of a dreamer. No beliefs absent a

    We have come to confuse ourselves with the matrix of our spiritual

    That is to say, we sleep, and we do so deeply. And we dream ourselves
    as being.

    And I say let us sleep, and let us do so deeply, until we awaken.
    Which we will.

    For it is only upon the awakening from a dream that the dreamer of it
    can taste the unspeakable magnificance and beauty of the meaning of
    the whole affair.

    Do some think I err? I tell you a truth. Nearly all think I err. But I
    err not.

    I know of what I speak of. And the silence from which my speech

    But brilliance itself is regulated to the limitation of dullness in
    terms of the mind heart and soul beholding it.

    Thus to a fool I am a fool. To a master I am a master. To the pure I
    am pure.

    I am all things to all people.

    As are you.

    Now in order for such a thing as conditioning to exist, there must be
    such a thing as unconditioning to exist equally, yes? Polarity
    demands it.

    What then is it, that is unconditioned?

    Within you?

    And within me?

    I tell you a truth, the answer to this most beautiful and
    profound question will set both you and I, (and our entire respective
    worlds), free.

    But let us tread slowly here my friend. For we are mere men, and this
    is a question belonging to the gods.

    We scarcely have the right to ask it.


    Larry Allen
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

    Life is about the journey, because we already know the destination.

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    First Caveat.

    This was not meant to be received by the weak-kneed or by the
    faint of heart. It was penned for only the srong minded man (and

    As usual, an error (or lie) is founded upon a negative emotion.
    Generally fear.

    Such is the foundation upon which the fanciful notion of free-will

    Stated something like this: If free-will doesn't actually exist,
    humanity will collapse. Or, on a more personal note, If free-will
    doesn't actually exist, my whole life has been a farce. In other
    words, I get no credit nor blame.

    You see the fear factor at work here, I trust.

    Physical experiments have already been done, and proven, the reality
    of my claim, namely free-will is an illusion suffered collectively by
    the masses, for a specific purpose. Well, the experiments merely
    proved the absence of free will, the collective suffering for a
    specific purpose was a bit of commentary on my part. You'll find them
    searching the internet under "free-will".

    Firstly, in order to prove to you that free will doesn't exist, it is
    useful, if not necessary, that the reader at least grasp the concept
    of its non-existance, as a possibility.

    This is the first stage of the prevention of such a profound

    Namely, few people have the psychological capacity to even entertain
    such a conceivability, for the reasons already stated. A threat to
    ones survival, be it perceived or actual, physical or psychological,
    is no small matter.

    I understand, and thus will tread as lightly as possible. Initially.

    Second Caveat. If you have the slightest bit of aprehension about
    reading on, please do not. You can always come back to this
    later. Sometime in the future, if you, well, choose to. So to speak.

    I shall begin with simple proofs, and increasingly up the intensity
    until the conclusion as to the truth is experienced as unescapable.

    That one has absolutely zero free will in regard to ones bodily
    functions is a given. Though the signifcance of this fact is
    overlooked or mispercieved.

    Add a hair to your head. Take control of your livers function,
    consciously. Increase your physcial stature by 2 or 3 inches, now.
    You cannot. Can you?

    The point being elementary. Foundational. We have no free will in
    regard to our physical being. To the contrary, we are entirely subject
    to it. Agreed?

    Which leaves only 2 arenas of being in which free will could possibly

    The heart (i.e. emotion) and or the mind (i.e. thought). Or both.

    We are taught to believe, and hold in conviction, the idea that we
    have free will in terms of both emotion and thought. We can choose to
    feel happy or sad, we can choose to desire one thing and choose to not
    desire another. We can choose to think about anything we want to think
    about, and choose to not think about anything that we choose not to
    think about.

    That about sums up the fabrication.

    The proofs of such claims have been constructed of such emptiness of
    authority as to render them barely palatable. Though to such proofs we
    dearly cling.

    For example: I can choose to think about an apple, ok I'm thinking
    about an apple. Or, I can choose to feel happy, ok I'm feeling happy.
    See there? I have just proven (to myself) that I indeed have

    Or, in terms of bodily free-will, in terms of control, heres one: I
    can choose to stand up (or sit down), ok now I just stood up, or sat
    down. There, proven. I have free will.

    Such engagements have nothing to do with the establishment of the
    presence (or absence) of free will. They merely confirm the presence
    or absence of whats generally called pre-disposition. Of the
    psychological or emotional variety.

    A better experiement is possible.

    For example, firstly considering the basic relationships between
    emotion and thought, in terms of universal experience, one concludes
    these are two seemingly distinct functions of being, though are
    seemingly simultaneously wed.

    In other words, there can be (and is) emotional-thought, and there can
    be (and is) thoughful-emotion. The actual complete structure being a
    bit more complex, however this fundamental reality is sufficient to
    serve as a groundwork for our demonstrations of the absence of free
    will, via self-experiement.

    The fundamental flaw in proofs designed by the one laboring under the
    false notion of already possessing what they do not possess, is that
    the proofs are self-fulfilling owing to the authors design of them.

    To wit: the proof of the presence of free will calls for a
    demonstration of the impossibility of the presence of its opposite, to
    hold water.

    If a man claims he is deaf, one does not sit in silence to confirm it
    is so.

    One rings bells.

    In like manner, the presence of free-will is not proven by one
    standing up and sitting down at will, rather it is dis-proven by their
    in-ability to do anything but what they are presently doing.

    Such a notion of course requires a certain capacity for the
    contemlation of complex thought. Not meant to be food for the masses.

    All events (be they mental, emotional and or physical in nature) tend
    to be recognized as being a consequential appearance under the theory
    of cause and effect. Which theory is not without substance nor form.

    However, the theory of free-will dismisses (unwittingly) such order.

    Doing it, as it does, quite cleverly.

    3rd (and final) Caveat.

    You must turn back now, or forever hold your peace. I cannot be held
    responsible for any ramifications of your reading the material that

    If you have ever been (or are now) under the care of a psychiatrist,
    or psychologist, or a doctor of any mental practicing concern, I
    suggest you discontinue your reading of this material at this point.
    If you choose, you can provide this material in its entirety to your
    mental physician (or your religious teacher or counselor) and allow
    him or her to make appropriate suggestions as to your appropriate
    course of action.

    You have my permission to print this post in its entirety and share it
    with whomever you desire to share it with.


    Free-will demands the presence of the principle of spontaneity (to

    Which principle espouses the distinction between mechanical and
    non-mechanical being. Wherein free-will is presented as being

    Yet such a principle is in violation of the tenets of cause and

    That is to say, all expressions of a human being are necessarily
    subject to the preceeding experiences of their being itself. An infant
    is not a man.

    The blind treatment of the necessary pre-requisites to any human
    experience being a testament itself to to the folly of the free-will

    Restated, at absolute best, the limitation of will, called free,

    But a limited-will and a free-will are not one in the same thing.

    Thus we have not free-will, but limited-will. The king is naked.

    Do I err? Please correct me if I do.

    I do not err.

    A mans present thought is 100% subject to and consequential to prior

    Remove the prior experience and you remove the specific presence of

    In order for a man to actually possess free-will then, he must have
    the ability to remove, and or add, prior experience to his collective
    experience of being.

    But we have no such ability. Neither mentally, emotionally nor

    Every thought and every emotion one experiences (calling it free), is
    bound by the history of his own being.

    "But I am the source of my own history of being" proclaims the one not
    yet wise.

    Which proclamation is but evidence of a misunderstanding of ones true

    Lastly I can provide anyone with a series of mundane experiments that
    will give rise to the proof of my claim. However I prefer meat to
    milk. So to speak.

    Free will is an illusion, as it is presented to the world.

    However it remains a distinct possibility (in terms of development) as
    it has been experienced by individuals, whom know.

    I know.

    Larry Allen
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

    Life is about the journey, because we already know the destination.

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