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    Not sure who'd be in my top 10 (that's a lot). But I know Descartes wouldn't. Karl Pilkington is more likely to get in my list.

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    I am only doing six because I really cannot pretend to have favorites beyond these. Like @Nights and Days, I would add Nicodemus to (the top of) the list, but since this is kind of self-evident, I will not.

    01. Arthur Schopenhauer
    02. Friedrich Nietzsche
    03. Emil Cioran
    04. Richard Rorty
    05. Ferdinando Galiani
    06. Odo Marquard

    There are a few writers I could add, but perhaps that should be (or already is) a topic for another thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    03. Emil Cioran
    Honorable mention of mine.

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