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Thread: Is this hell?

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    Always forward, never back!

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    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Only like the 3rd circle at most.

    4chan's probably the 9th.Damn fucked up INTP's.

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    In hell, there is no love.
    Here, there is.

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    Yes, OP. This is hell. Enjoy it.
    "All authority of any kind, especially in the field of thought and understanding, is destructive and evil. Leaders destroy the followers and the followers destroy the leaders. You have to be your own teacher and your own disciple. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable, as necessary."

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoCares View Post
    Since humanity is driven to a selfish end and will actively exploit other species, same species and indeed any advantage they think they can, then what is worthy about humanity at all?
    How is this different from any other creature in nature? This is the principle of survival of the fittest. Adapt to opportunities around you, expand your advantages, and exploit the disadvantaged. Lions don't go attacking healthy gazelles when one with a broken foot is right there. Spiders literally create devices to capture their own species. Females devour males in the insect world.

    You cannot take a vague concept, like this one, and apply it to every situation of every facet of life and call it a principle of being. Humans simply do not function on the level of survival 100% of the time. We really don't have to. Those vegetarians would eat the shit out of bacon if it meant they would die if they didn't. But vegetarians do not need to survive--they're already surviving. They're thriving. Many domesticated and zoo animals don't operate on survival instincts either. This causes all sorts of other phenomenon and social drama--but what you're describing isn't inherently evil, or malicious, though I can see someone easily taking it personal anyways.

    Plus, it is way too cold outside for it to be hell. I expect much more fire.

    I just think it seems really self-defeatist and very, to be blunt, victimized to just say "Oh, all of humanity is a bunch of assholes that create the very existence of the place they fear so much! How am I expected to find nice things in such a place?! Humans aren't WORTHY of my awesome personality and adoration!" It's an easy excuse. Don't feel like helping that old lady across the street? She's probably a racist old bag anyways. Don't feel like taking your trash to the litter bin? Doesn't matter, no one else cares because they're all apathetic losers that hate the world. Don't feel like improving on yourself or looking within yourself to change your circumstances? You're in luck! Everyone's an asshole that won't care how much work you put into yourself anyways!
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    Thread title reminds me of this

    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

    Music provides one of the clearest examples of a much deeper relation between mathematics and human experience.

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