By Anonymous.

I was talking to a friend of mine on a cloudy day outside. Someone who
I did not know very well and who I had been introduced to only a few
days before. He seemed a pleasant enough person, but to me atleast
seemed to be very introverted, very untalkative, almost to the point
of seemingly being very methodical to not meet new people that he had
not been introduced to by someone that he trusted.

The conversation changed at a point to my profession and to physics,
meta-physics and to the question of the capabilities of the human
mind. This is when he mentioned something that I did not understand at
first, that he was very different to average people. I asked him to
elaborate, but he didn't.

Later on, he did and said that he had a brain which was different, so
I asked him to demonstrate, then something happened that changed how I
have looked at life ever since. It is very, very, very difficult to
talk about or try to honestly and sincerely describe things that you
have experienced that are not within socially accepted ranges, that I
can understand why most people would choose not to. Believe me it is
very difficult to try to explain something ludicrous to someone who
has never experienced the same thing. If what is being discussed is
something that has a probability of occuring perhaps once in every 100
million, it is possibly very difficult if not impossible to explain to
the general public period. So the very few (sincere ones) would choose
to remain silent.

What happened was that as this person looked at me, a gust of wind
came out of his face and struck mine. It did not stop at the skin of
my face and dissipate around my head as you would expect, but this
gust of air continued to move and pass through the skin and my skull
and I could actually feel it inside the confines of my head.

That's when i realised that it wasn't a gust of wind. There was no
moving air involved. That is the best that I can describe it, like a
gust of wind, with no moving air that penetrates your head.

What clinched this very strange natural occurence as emanating from
the person infront of me, at his will, was this; As this occured and
kept occuring for perhaps upto 2 seconds, I became afraid, my vision
had also become blurred, much like when your eyes are fixated on
something when you are tired, everything else becomes blurry. In much
the same way I realised that all I could see were his eyes, everything
else was a blurr of its original shape and colours. I became very
afraid and cold, and shook my head to the side sharply.

When I then asked him "did you just do something?" he replied yes, but
that he had stopped when it became evident that I became frightened.

A few months after that he was transferred elsewhere and I did not see
him again, and that was the first and absolutely last time that I have
witnessed anything like that in my 28 years of life.

Being a physicist it is not something I discuss with people that I do
not know very well, eventhough it was the single most defining moment
of my opinion of life in general. A topic or claim like this is often
ridiculed, not surprisingly, considering how many actually con people
into giving them money for telling their future.

However, to me it has signified something very simple. That there is
more to the human mind than the flesh of its substance. What more I
don't know, telepathy, telekinesis, people who see the future, heaven,
hell, god?

I don't know about any of these,... I just don't. All that I
experienced was what I explained to you above.

I don't know why not more people claim such occurences in their lives
after examining all others possibilities or chances where I may have
erred in my interpretation. Perhaps they are genuinely afraid of the
ridicule. Perhaps it is something which is truly very, very rare to
see occur, or to witness.

I see it as this, and this is how I explain it to myself. Every
religion has a book or series of books that are aimed at telling
people about the afterlife.
Every book is different and so to me cannot be seen as the conclusive
manual to life. Each book has a different number of pages, etc.

I believe (firmly) that what I experiencd was just, only one
-character-, in an indistinct sentence, from an unknown paragraph, on
an indistint page, of the real manual of what actually happens to us
after we die.

I don't know about the name of the book, I don't know about the page,
I don't even have the paragraph let alone a sentence. But I have one
real, true genuine, authentic, single character.

I thought I would share that with you, thank you for taking the time
to read it, I hope that it gives you something to think about, and
perhaps even others who -scientifically- study these types of

To everyone else, thank you for having granted me the space within
your discussions to share this.