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    Default Have you ever changed your religion?

    It counts if you have switched denominations or if you have gone from a religious person to an atheist/agnostic (or vice versa).

    What religion did you switch to?
    What did you switch from?
    And what was the reason for the change?
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    I dabbled. I was taught christianity at school - my home was atheist - so I tried it on for size since the teachers were prepping us for communion anyway. It didn't stick.

    Then, when I was 20, I discovered Wicca. I did a serious study, even did my thesis on a book on Wicca, and tried it out for about two years. I didn't like the ritualistic nature and dogma, and my being automatically rebels to worshipping and creating great distances beween me and the supreme beings. So I became agnostic/spiritualistic/pagan witch instead. Many of the things I learned in Wicca, I still use for the practical part of the craft. But I follow my own spiritual discoveries now and have finally stopped feeling silly for having my own beliefs. Wicca was like a gateway to find what I was looking for though. Whereas Christianity was a way to connect with those around me, I suppose.

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    I was a Christian when I was young (at least in theory) as whilst I "accepted Jesus Christ into my life" etc. I felt no connection with any such higher power and never felt a diety was watching over me or exerting a presence on my inner world. I did consider other religions including Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. I eventually became an atheist and haven't really looked back. I'm a spiritual person in a sense (I utilise it a lot in my fiction writing) but I find it to merely be a character quirk with no real basis in the universe around me.

    That said I'll probably convert again to the Force (probably a Sith but maybe a Jedi as well) if in some likely scenario it was found to exist. A galaxy with lightsabers, sorcery and the potential ability to transcend the universe is much more compelling for me than the generic mechanical space opera.

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    As a child I was brought up in a nominally christian community. There was sunday school, hymns sung in the school assemblies and so on, but no hard sell. Other religions weren't represented, mostly just because there wasn't anyone around who followed them rather than any deliberate exclusion. They were something we learnt about in religious studies class rather in our daily lives. The village where I lived was probably >95% white.

    Growing up, I never thought about god much until high school. I Studied religion up to GCSE level before I became quite sure I didn't believe any of it. Basically, the more I learnt about religion, the less convincing I found it.
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    I was raised Christian, and switched to paganism in high school. I switched because despite the overall positive messages with the Bible, I felt there were far too many negative ones. I didn't believe that people who were never raised or exposed to Christianity were doomed to a fate of limbo or worse.

    I haven't switched since then. My spiritual outlook has changed over the years, but not its principles. Wicca also became the initial inspiration for an alternative to major religions. I believe more ancient, simple arts had it right. I still do.
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    I was raised Catholic. I no longer practice anything and I want nothing to do with it or any other religion.
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    I was once a zealous atheist. Went to church as a lad wondering over the falsities seeping out every mind in the house.

    Now I understand the human mind is just about predisposed to these abstract understandings of the universe. I enjoy religious studies far more than in the past, and if pressed, might identify as Buddhist. I think it's more of a keen interest, but you get the gist.

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    I was raised Assemblies of God. It's, for lack of a better description, a Charismatic branch of Evangelical Christianity.

    I haven't really changed religions. I have developed a certain degree of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, I'm kind of agnostic. On the other hand, I am an Evangelical Christian. I believe in God, I pray. The Bible is still an authority in my life. But I don't believe being gay is a sin or in the Evangelical version of hell. I'm also politically very liberal and the climate of the Evangelical church right now doesn't suit me very well. So I don't go to church anywhere right now, which feels kind of wrong. So I don't know. Eventually I'll maybe figure something out. I've been conflicted about it for years now.
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    I was raised as a JW, but we stopped going before I was 10. Then I went back to it in my early 20s and stayed for close to a decade. I left because the hypocrisy just really killed things for me. I thought they were sincere and earnest so that was a pretty nasty blow for me. After that, I looked at other things...I kinda practice this mixture of paganism and what my grandparents, a kind of southeastern pan-Indian mix of beliefs, taught me.

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