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    Quote Originally Posted by Typh0n View Post
    New age is fluffy bullshit.

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    I was born into a Mormon family, but I now seek to become Darth Pymander, a Hermetic Sith Lord!

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    Christianity, then Buddhism, then a taste of the world of other religions, then plain ol' atheism. I can call it Naturalism or Spinozism if I want to sex it up a bit. Maybe some sort of Natural Baha'i if we really wanted to sex it up.

    In practice, I didn't find my answers in any particular religion. I primarily found the opposite--that there are many misattributed causes to various effects. The most pressing of which is usually the question of why bad things happen to good people, and the most common attribution is that they have actually performed misdeeds, whether in this life or a past life. Some of those attributions are also oddly specific, such as abject poverty now from premarital sex decades ago, though they vary from church to church.

    It was also odd to me that this happened in practice, seeing as how religious ideas such as, say, the serenity prayer, "giving it all to God," and cessation of dukkha preach that at least some stuff is outside of our control. Many religions have a point of commonality right there.

    So, I found that many religions join paths and hit on some good, solid common themes that are probably "on to something." Or at least they're good ideas. I've ultimately chosen to pick out those commonalities, continually test them out in my daily life, and leave the mysticism aside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superunknown View Post
    Is there no reconciliation to be had between that which is felt and that which is seen?
    Often what is felt is illusory, and indeed often what is seen is also illusory, so we learnt during the Enlightenment to measure what is seen and felt against reproducable evidence.

    Institutional slavery was seen and felt to be part of the natural order ordained by God.

    And the subordination of women was seen and felt to be part of the natural order ordained by God.

    And the sexual abuse of children was seen and felt to be a harmless part of childhood and a perogative of adults.

    Why, we could all see that the Sun went round the Earth, but reproducible evidence showed the opposite was the case.

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    Grew up in a very religious environment so much so that I hardly knew life existed outside of a church. Am now a devout anti-religious atheist. Why? Logiks.

    Plus I find it much more fulfilling, instead of reciting a book about a yesteryear that dictates how one should live their life in accordance with an antiquated can and cannot do list with a focus on tradition and moralistic expectations, I choose to focus what scientific discoveries may be found about origins of life and the never ending questions each new answer will raise. Discovery is exciting and I consider it muted or inauthentic to have a requirement for answers to fit within a certain dogma, it's limiting.

    This to me vv is way more exciting than trying to work out how Jonah kept food sources and waste products separate while camping out inside a whale.

    And unlike the devout religious, this does not give me something to fight, kill or die for, I have no fantasies of life after death, no promised end of days that justify malicious acts. Just now.

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    Grew up some kinda christian, my dad was Catholic, my mom methodist, then my step dad Jewish, but I went atheist at about 12. Now I wouldn't say I'm totally Buddhist, but I enjoy their teachings.
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    What religion did you switch to? No religion, straight to atheism
    What did you switch from? I was brought up Hindu, my parents still pratice, and my mom is very tied to the religion.

    And what was the reason for the change?

    Questioning, self-reflection, rationality. In my early 20s. It wasn't an overnight shift, as I fought hard with myself against giving up the known, fearing the ostracization (if it will break my mother's heart), as there are a lot of cultural aspects tied to religion, and feeling of tribalism. I still go to temple, but I do not participate in the religious rituals or prayers (I actively refuse), but for the cultural/social outlet. And to volunteer. In Hindu temples, like some other religions (Sikhism), there are daily offerings of food/meal (vegetarian), to anyone who come in and want it. You don't have to be Hindu. I like this aspect of it, and there are many families and non-Hindus who come, who we know are struggling, just to get that free meal. It takes volunteers to run this, to donate $ for the food. I offer my voluntary services to my community's temple in this regard.

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    Fundamentalist Christian Cult -> Pagan -> Fundamentalist Christian -> Atheist -> Nihilist -> Buddhist -> Myself

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    I was raised Jewish, but it was not a religious upbringing. Never went to any religious services apart from 6 years at a Jewish summer camp. My parents got divorced when I was 8 and my mom had only converted to Judaism when she married my dad so she pretty much gave up on that.

    Now I'm mostly agnostic but I still somewhat identify with bein Jewish, at least culturally. I'm not sure if/when I have kids how much Judaism I'll have in their lives. Still want to go on my free trip to Israel before I'm too old lol!

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    I never really had a religion, so, no. I had two apathetic parents from different religious backgrounds.

    I like Spinoza, though. Interesting biography, too. I go in for some New-Agey crap, too. I find that meditation helps me get in touch with the outside world/my body, which are two things that seem to help me out a lot, as a 5. I think astrology is bunk, but I do wonder if it's possible for seasons/weather to have some kind of effect on personality. Still, the differences between me and other Libras are so vast, that I doubt we share anything at all. With INTPs/Enneagram 5s, I can point to things we have in common, even if I don't like the person.
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