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    Quote Originally Posted by Mole View Post
    If your morality is subjective, how could I possible trust you?
    You don't
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    Quote Originally Posted by danseen View Post
    I think this irks a lot of people, but to me at least (perhaps this is the "no rules" INTP part of me talking haha.) this is how I see it:

    - IMO, subjectivism is meant in a cosmological sense. I don't know of any universal moral law
    - I personally believe in equal rights for all, no matter who you are. But had I lived in early modern times, pre the Enlightenment, I may not have thought this.

    So then, how isn't morality subjective?

    IMO, I personally don't give a shit lol.. "Morals" are spent.
    Subjectivism cannot be in a cosmological sense. We are not nearly as large as the universe, therefore our arbitrary rules cannot hope to apply.

    Equal rights for all? How are rights defined? By laws that enforce them? This same set of rules for all entities, universally?
    In other words, imperialism?

    And to what extent do these equal rights go? Are they not simply the highest-yet refined human standards for right and wrong, making them subjective human terms that cannot be spread over all?

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