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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    How do you learn to like yourself?


    Practical advice?
    By accepting all my faults,by accepting that while I am not perfect, I am still good.By acknowledging my anxiety and working against it.

    Most of all by working to embracing all my oddities and eccentricities(still working on that).

    All I can tell you is,for me it was something that came with time and maturity,accepting myself,warts and all so to speak,that is.

    Don't stress,it will come,I assure you.

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    If we were loved uncondtionally as babies and children, we learn to love ourselves unconditionally too.

    But if we weren't loved unconditionally as babies and children, we get a second chance with a therapist.

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    Reply to the original post:

    I think you can only like yourself when you are in the right environment, and you have the right attitude.

    They say attitude determines altitude...

    I personally think it is incredibly hard to go through life without some form a community to support her [your soul] and help prop you [your spirit] up and redirect you when you are faltering. Find a priest who will teach you so that you can understand what to do in life, find a prophet who will direct you (and keep you protected), find brothers and sisters who will bleed with you (sacrifice their energy), and who you can ask to break up their understanding so you can eat of it (breaking of bread). The most important thing is humility, the humility that is only blessed when we are surrounded by those who will sacrifice for us; for then you can have the freedom to live and grow (ever perfecting)... but without the gift of sacrifice (the gift of the Christ of fellow helpers of the flesh), there is no grace upon which we can breath easily as we hope to tend toward the quickening spirit. The desire of the flesh must be converted into an understanding of what to do;- doing this requires the true light of understanding that will only enter you by the doors to your soul (your ears). Seek the true gospel, have hope that it is in the world (although not of the world), and do not languish in the despair that it only should exist in the world!

    Added side note:
    There are also more roles that are important to a community not mentioned above...
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    Help yourself. Even if it takes running in circles trying to figure it out .. I think the determining factor whether someone likes or loves themselves, is if they take the initiative to help themselves (change themselves), do whatever it is they have to do to foster a life of well being (whatever that means to you). Regardless of circumstances.
    6w7 Sx/Sp (621 or 612. Same diff :p).

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    To like oneself, you must first view yourself as likeable.
    Two things fill me with wonder —
    the starry heavens above me and
    the moral law within me.

    Immanuel Kant

    Tell me what a person finds sexually attractive
    and I will tell you their entire philosophy of life.

    Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

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    do you want to live or die?

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