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    Default What is worth it?

    I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my resources (time/money) in respect to my values to see if they align. I'm in one of those rare moments in my life where I'm building up from scratch and I can make some real choices. It's a strange spot, I'm used to a type of life where you just kinda have what the neighbors have.. picket fence, SUV, etc...

    It's a bit tough, as I'm a definite P, and I like to commit to shiny things (and shiny people), even if they don't fit in with what I want for myself. Like, for instance, I'm looking for a place to stay and I am equally attracted to spending more to living in shared a home with a fireplace, nice architecture... and as of a couple of days ago, I would've plopped down the $$$. But I *know* that I would appreciate the spare cash more to go out, and give to charities, and plan trips and much more.

    I have already blacklisted the idea of owning a car, ever paying for cable, getting involved with people who aren't on my trajectory, etc.

    Does anybody else take this as seriously as I'm starting to? What kinds of choices have you made?

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    I am bad with money uggh. I have respect for it but I also hate it. I know we need it- but I don't like dealing with it. I like to have the basics. Decent car. Decent clothes. I'm not into showing off with materials things or designer brands etc. Giving to charity means a lot to me. Even if money is tight- there is always someone worse off that you can help. If you can't give with money- you can give your time.
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