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Typology and other forms of self-exploration require a good amount of honesty with self. I know it's easier for some more than others, but what do you to keep your self-honesty in check?

It's a different but related idea to self-objectivism, which I believe is even harder. But again, I could see how that might be easier for some.

Just looking for some strategies or insights or discussion or whatever.

I just discuss stuff here that some people might think is controversial. I can do this because I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to not emotional reactions at face value and try and figure out what is really going on. Does the person actually have a point to make, or do they just not like hearing that thing and wish alternative viewpoints didn't exist?

Usually when people do the former, they are capable of being calmer and less antagonistic. I tend to listen to those people, not the ones that have nothing to express other than their disapproval.