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    Default Karma: real or ridiculous?

    Do you believe that karma exists? If so, why, and how do you think the mechanism might operate? And if you don't adhere to the concept, I also ask why that would be the case.

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    I think that intention plays a little part in attracting certain life events, but many spiritual people make it out to be far more powerful on our part than it really is.

    There could be higher intelligences out there somewhere that can tune into our frequencies, and maybe do things like listen to prayers, inspire those who meditate, give prophets visions, and so forth.

    If it's real at that kind of level though, I would like to think its effects are very subtle for the most part and could even take much time and effort on our behalf to give the full fruits.

    God seems to be content with letting us figure things out for ourselves, at least for now, and there could be little clues he's laid out across the world that we can piece together to come upon the treasure, the "Philosopher's Stone" or whatever may be.

    Sometimes I believe that God gives guidance to my intuition, helps me to understand and walk the path. Perhaps this has some kind of Karmic connection.

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    Yeah yeah yeah, it does. But only in the sense that there are reactions to actions. It doesn't necessarily mean someone will get returned to them what they do to another, but it does mean what they do will spread around and likely come back to affect them in some way in the future. Unless of course, you manage to get away from everything that you influence or affect, then it probably won't, but you'd be isolated.
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    I've decided to start believing in karma. That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it.

    Tl;dr version: Ridiculous

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    Last week, my friend drove my bike for the first time while I was also sitting on the back. She wobbles and lightly hits the wall. I mock her for a whole day. The next day, I'm driving it while she's sitting on the back. A car corners us and I end up hitting the curb wrong. For the first time driving my bike, I topple over with my friend and bike on top of my knee. I almost broke it, and she seriously bruised her ass.

    If karma is real, she's one vindictive bitch.

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    Ridiculous and the more "karma" stuff I see on Facebook the more I believe it. Unless you refer to being nice/rude to people and having them treat you the exact same way but I think that falls under "common sense" more than "karma".
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    Yeah, it exists, to some extent. I mean, if you consider that everything is interconnected, then all actions produce reactions, even if not immediately apparent reactions.

    I don't think there is some invisible hand that determines who has done good or bad--I mean, good and bad are just values assigned by humans to begin with. But there are still consequences for every action.

    I'm not going to ramble on this anymore. Little_Sticks and Poimandres did a more eloquent job of summing it up anyway.
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    From my experience it does seem to exist. I used to make fun of this girl for being fat and start drama with all of her friends, then 3 years later that one girl I made fun of ended up going to the same high school as me. I also ended up looking very ugly after puberty which now everyone, including them makes fun of me for.
    The girl who I made fun of also happens to be great friends with my cousin (who i was best friends with) and now even my cousin is siding with them and joining in on making fun of me.

    Let's just say that I learned my lesson, big time.

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    Do you believe that karma exists?

    Yes, to some degree. I do, but I don't want to go into my reasoning.

    It would take too long and I'd loose people in my ramble.

    There is a way to negate bad karma, to halt it in its tracks, but again, that would take a long explanation and there are many variables that go into the configuration. Let's just say the biggest two are Love and Faith [or rather what you believe about the world, the universe, and even yourself.]

    If so, why, and how do you think the mechanism might operate?
    In short, whatever is unleashed upon the earth will continue in motion, until something stops or slows it, until friction enters the picture. Of course, I'm speaking of spiritual friction to halt the momentum of a spiritual consequence. That is a basic law of the spiritual universe.
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    Karma is a superstition based on a belief in the supernatural.

    But more important, Karma is a fashionable belief of the New Age.

    Yes, when we can't increase our status with religion, we turn to the latest fashion, and shyly admit we see and feel Karma operating around us. And so we raise our status in the eyes of others. It must be Karma.

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