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    I certainly hate Mohammed, the founder of Islam, because we have just arrested four Mohammedans who were planning to blow up an Etihad Airliner and kill 500 people in one go, flying out of Sydney.

    And thank you to our allies in the Five Eyes, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, and the USA, for warning us of these four terrorists, because they were not on our radar, and without your input, we would never have caught them before they murdered 500 of us in the air, in the name of Allah.

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    Add me to the list of Descartes haters.

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    Along with people of his time, Jesus believed that physical and mental illness was cause by demons. So with impeccable logic, Jesus healed those so afflicted by casting out demons.

    And today the Association of Exorcists, operating out of the Vatican, teaches today's exorcists how to cast out demons. However there is a boom in private exorcists in Europe today. And today's exorcists charge fees for an exorcism, and make a good living, while we understand Jesus did not charge fees.

    But whichever way we cut the cake, Jesus was an exorcist just like the exorcists of today.

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    Einstein, for his heroism cult in the anglo american sector. In Germany he would have never been that often talked about and more down to Earth

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