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Thread: The Selfie

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    The Selfie

    The Bible warns us of graven images. And my favourite artist, Philippe Lejeune, tells me all images lie.

    So what am I to make of selfies, self images, on Central?

    On the one hand I see the vulnerability of the imaged self, and on the other I am led to compliment the selfie. How could I do otherwise? And yet I try and see behind the mask of the image.

    It is almost as though the image defies me to see behind it. The image assaults my eyes and blinds me to the person.

    And yet the very act of putting a selfie on Central reveals an inner vulnerability that calls forth my desire to protect and nurture.

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    It was dem titties that done him in.
    And so long as you haven’t experienced this: to die and so to grow,
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