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    I am far and yet close
    An image in your mind
    Forged in laughter and play
    Yet leaving a bread crumb trail...


    Once upon a time
    in a land far far away
    lived a green-eyed girl with golden hair
    with her Viking prince in their kitten-rich lair

    With hawk-like vigilance and vet tricks to boot
    she tended her unruly feline brood
    While learning the Viking's tongue
    to add to her dance and song.

    However, from the hermit-like cave that was their lair
    She also explored the virtual world, with Wi-Fi to spare
    A seeker she became in her need for 'truth'
    And lo' and behold all the internet loot:

    Pearls of wisdom on what makes us human
    Useful articles on the use of cumin
    100 ways to make a man weak in the knees
    and 25 ways to deal with the infuriated Queen Bees.

    Tomes filled with insight on the days of Old
    Bringing one into the mystery of the Pagan Fold.
    Fairy dust, dragon blood and trinkets galore
    from both charlatans and fantasy books in an online store

    As time passed, her knowledge and power grew
    fueled by the 'truths' in her internet brew
    Bubbling in a cauldron, all gooey and green
    Giving life to the newborn Viking Witch Queen


    Ps: I'm in a weird mood today

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    Very awesome,...I mean for a guy Just kidding. I can't believe I made that mistake!

    You've got talent.
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese

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    I am an aussie bastard - but of course I blame my parents.

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    That sweet little child
    sat on a chair and cried
    What happened to you little one?
    What on earth have you done?

    The black shadow in her eye
    revieled her childish lie
    she waited for the final trial
    to call her a dirty liar

    Escape, run little girl
    fast as a squirrel
    climb the highest tree
    and make yourself free

    Innocence flowing throught her veins
    the heart clear and open as nature's plains
    led her to the world of wonder and fire
    where none more called her a liar.

    The flame is fading in the cold breeze
    suddenly all around her seems to freeze
    Lonely and scared
    young and unprepared

    She saw the monster of her land
    the beast of neverland
    wild starring eyes
    saw all of their lies

    Where to go? Where to hide little one?
    Night ends and you're afraid of dawn.
    Live in the dark, hided in a hole
    eyes starring at a wall.

    The victim, the sinner, the warrior and the coward
    with hided face she walks throught the same boulevard.

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