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    My experience growing up as a Navy brat and living mostly on military bases was that there was a Catholic chaplain and a Protestant chaplain, and you got whatever flavor of Protestant that chaplain happened to be, whether Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc. That was about it, for chaplains.

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    I saw my mom so I mentioned it off hand.

    She said she was trained in a variety of faiths and carried a book of various bits of wisdom and quotes to cover all the bases.

    With protestants you could pretty much just do whatever. With catholics you had to be a little more involved in the ceremony. She said she performed an impromptu funeral service for a Catholic man, complete with oils and blessings. Apparently the family seemed to think she did a good job.

    I don't really see why a chaplain needs to be the same faith as you are to perform their job.
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