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    Why don't you put all of this effort into something more useful, such as looking for pennies on the sidewalk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    Why don't you put all of this effort into something more useful, such as looking for pennies on the sidewalk?
    If that's more useful than what I'm doing now, then not only is what I'm doing here useless, but also a complete waste of time (in your eyes).

    Maybe you're just being a clown with this, but really, it could one day give big returns, expecially if I can synthesize it all together.

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    Download - Grand Book of the Sith

    *WARNING - My computer blocked something "potentially malicious" it said from that page when I did the download, so just take caution and be aware of that danger.

    The Dark Side is the essence of Darkness and power. As such, those along its path are touched
    by its nature and brought to perceive their world in terms of named values: strength, power,
    domination, Darwinism, war, and victory. Those of the Dark Side seek the challenge within our
    world and the spiritual world: to overcome their own mortality, to find the source of power that
    would allow them to forfeit their mortal coil and rise beyond the shackles of their bestowed
    limitations. They seek challenge and confrontation, to find their limits and expand them.

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    The above statement is rather obvious in its meaning: the Universe is always in motion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    By embracing the truth of the Universe, we gain energy and motivation—we are filled with ourselves.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    The result is that you advance and grow, and therefore gain and advantage and often get what you want.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    This refers to the success experienced by following this path.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    Success leads to the overcoming of failure and pain, freeing us from the clouding chains we put on ourselves, and
    the chains others place on us.
    The Force shall free me.
    The final step is the unlimited expansion possible from this path.—ultimate power. There is a fictional Sith
    prophesy that one totally freed by the force shall lead the Sith to victory, and destroy them, leading them all to
    freedom themselves, as a messiah figure.
    —The Sith Code (with explanations)

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    Ah yes, I finally finshed my amazing outline for the fulfillment of our Ultimate Destiny!

    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    In 10 years, humanity will have perfected a fundamental "Theory of Everything".

    A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is any theory in the realm of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle.

    In 20 years, we will know the overall architectures of our universe and be able to map it all out.

    It is safe to assume that the universe began with the big bang; a huge black hole so dense that it exploded giving rise to matter and even dimensions began expanding. But what existed before the big bang? Has the big bang been repeating itself for a longer time than can be expressed in words? Was there a beginning? What if some species was able to manipulate space and time in such a way that it was present in a previous version of this universe and was able to survive the big bang. Perhaps there is a god or many gods. Perhaps some species did survive and create this universe for its entertainment.

    In 30 years, people will be able to access supernatural powers like flying through the use of technology.

    Cayce predicted in September, 1939, that when there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able, as any other phase of human experience.

    In 40 years, there will be a means for penetrating the barriers of distance via teleportation.

    Tesla Memorial Society whose headquarters are in New York sent many letters to the leaders of the world stating that Tesla is the inventor or master mind of many things we use today. His works were nor restricted with technical inventions, there were also theories about communication with the outside world, teleportation and time travel. On the contrary of Einstein’s theory of relativity he was working on a universe model he named dynamic theory of gravity.

    In 50 years, negative matter and dark energy will be harnessed to alter the fabrics of space-time.

    The repelling force of the negative mass matter is the source of 'dark energy', which can be show to have caused the expansion and it's later accelerated expansion of spacetime.

    In 60 years, advances in cosmology and enlightenment alike will give us the wisdom to preserve world peace.

    In a recent issue of What is Enlightenment? Ken Wilber described enlightenment as the 'radical realization of the ever-present condition of all conditions, a radical freedom in its radical fullness, an infinite Release in the midst of misery, a tacit realization that you are utterly one with all that is arising moment to moment in any and all domains, high or low, sacred or profane.'

    In 70 years, mankind wil begin its incredible expansion to alien galaxies all across the universe.

    Some consider that it is not time to pursue starflight until after we have colonies on the Moon and Mars; reasonable learning steps. Lessons from history, however, suggest that it is best to pursue both the next-obvious steps AND the revolutionary advances that could circumvent those near-term actions. By evoking the goal of starflight, we are forced to look beyond extrapolations of existing methods, to seek the breakthroughs that could change everything, the breakthroughs that others can’t explore.

    In 80 years, new dimensions will become accessible through inducing higher states of awareness.

    The study of metaphysics can also provide the systematic development of metaphysical skills that have practical applications in our everyday lives. For example, the many forms of “healing” to assist healthcare, “remote viewing” to assist law enforcement, and “channelling” to provide information, insights, and wisdom about our existence and beyond.

    In 90 years, channels for contact with hyper-dimensional alien divinities will be established.

    Could there be a link, then, between what so many call the supernatural and the existence of beings out there that are perfectly natural but so beyond our comprehension as to be indistinguishable from supernatural entities?

    In 100 years, we build bridges to transcend the heavens and forge new creations of our own design.

    Transcension is a theory, its a hypothesis that attempts to account for Fermi's Paradox. Now Fermi's Paradox is a question that asks that if the universe is so infinitely large... and it would have had so much time to develop intelligent life... then how come we don't see any evidence of those technologically advanced civilisations anywhere. Eventually our technology reaches a point where simultaneously with this expansion we're pioneering more and more stem compression, which is the compression of space, time, energy and matter. We have denser and denser spaces where more and more computation and complexity is occurring...

    In 1000 years, highly evolved humans as a galactic super-civilization will open up the "rainbow bridge to infinity".

    Omniverse - Infinity, all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. All possible modes of existence are actualized. All the multiverses are connected to our omniverse via higher dimensions. However there can be more Omniverses separated by the great expanses of pure thought within Gods mind. Only another God could traverse those great oceans of consciousness to get to those other omniverses. Whether they're directly in the original eternal Gods mind or the near infinite other Gods who ascended to Godhood. The Omniverse itself can be a God.
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    Who I am is not important, my message is. This is the way it must be. My time here is ended. Take what I have taught you and use it well.

    Hey fellas, I'm RaptorWizard! I seek to answer questions about cosmology and enlightenment - who we are, why we are here, where we are going, what everything is all about, and the mind of God. The final step is the unlimited expansion possible from this path - ultimate power.

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    I'm depressed about certain things, in particular the massive problems facing our society right now at such a critical point in our development.

    Still, it could be an opportunity to rise up, build a better civilization out of the ashes. Perhaps that's something to also be optimistic about.

    Something funny about Neanderthal theories though is how if we came directly from them, then why the heck is the human composition so fragile and easily broken by the elements?

    To me, it's almost as if some higher divine order refined our beings (or perhaps we could say degraded us) on another platform.

    Still, it's dangerous to jump to conclusions in regard to conspiracy theories, kind of like this one:

    If nature were the sole driving force behind evolution, then natural selection and random mutation would be the only ways in which species can advance. Those ways do indeed occur; in a situation of survival, the strong survive, and thus the species becomes stronger over time. And natural factors like cosmic rays can disrupt DNA to create mutants with a survival advantage. Such random mutations are shots in the dark, however. There are too many harmful mutations possible versus healthy ones to account for the successful evolution of species toward stronger and healthier ones.

    There are countless more ways to break something than to fix it. Mutations are entropic and destructive unless guided by an intelligence that can drastically cut down on the number of attempts needed to reach success. Something is needed to shape the probability of mutations toward those that are healthy and have purpose.

    Notice that the term “random” in “random mutation” simply means it is something that science cannot predict or explain. The same term is used in physics when referring to quantum jumps, which are also said to be random. Sometimes randomness stems from lack of information about the actual physical cause; other times randomness stems from the cause being nondeterministic and nonphysical. Science refuses to distinguish between these in an effort to pin everything on material causes and turn a blind eye to everything metaphysical.

    Humans are most certainly the products of purposeful genetic engineering by various alien factions, although these aliens more likely modified or combined existing species instead of creating humanity from scratch. A few other species like cats and pigs are also odd enough in their characteristics and rapid appearance in history to warrant suspicion of having been genetically engineered. Other species on earth evolved on their own through natural and self-directed intelligent evolution. God is the watchmaker who set it all into motion and then experiences it, intervening theistically only when nothing else can.

    Spirituality gives an extra energy to the stuctures of metaphysics. Without energy, it lacks force, and without structure, it lacks foundations.

    “What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife... Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment...”
    ― Nikola Tesla

    My ideal for a hero is someone who achieves great things and rises up to "the Transcendental Pinnacle" of self-mastery, maximizes his promise and seeks to become God!

    That's a bit too big for most people, but I guess anyone can be a hero who gives good inspiration for walking paths to higher planes.

    I think emotions are all about evolution - that is, they give us motivation to change things, for without those basic desires, man would be fighting with sticks and stones.

    It gives us a will, a drive to manifest our wishes, bring them into realization and give them immanence.

    Love I think is something that is the offspring of knowledge, like when we have more of an understanding, then we can better see and appreciate the essential qualities of things.

    Love also I think is more than that, but knowledge nonetheless may promote the growth of love.

    Love, at the deepest level, seems to be about faith and happiness, having hopes that we can make a better world and be free.

    The power to heal is within the hearts of us all!

    I'm all for Taoism yes, but not Hinduism - instead I'm much more for Hermeticism.

    The Taoists understand natural processes, and the Hermeticists shape it all to their vision.

    Please don't tell me this whole idea of "micro-chipping the masses" will EVER happen! Because then the Bible might actually be right about something (Mark of the Beast) and be an omen of bad things that are to come.

    We don't want to become robots; we want to become a supernatural uber-race with an ultimate willpower and a life force.

    Something about that idea of becoming more machine than man just doesn't feel right.

    I mean, I'm in many respects very much a constructive rationalist, but I'm also an idealistic humanitarian. It would suck really badly if robotics became the foundation of our society and destroyed spirituality. Even when looked at logically, the robots/machines/AI could take over the world!

    Surely it's more within reason to follow a higher divine path. That's where the true promise for the future I believe lies, is in faith. If we had enough faith, then we could eventually realize our full potential. One day man will move mountains; there's nothing that we can't do - we just have to believe!

    They have some fancy constructs for connecting with the higher self, and unique metaphors for the various energies present in our world, but they also have some crazy rituals and worship deities that are very phony.

    I would imagine though that you're more into philosophical Hinduism, which is better I think (like the push to reach "Moksha"). I still prefer the flowish quality of Taoism and the esoteric quality of Hermeticism more regardless.

    Being reincarnated here on Earth repeatedly if we forget everything and experience the same sufferings in never ending cycles sounds absolutely evil!

    But then again, maybe it makes our life force more potent upon each incarnation, gradually makes our "inborn potential" greater.

    Well, on the cosmic scale it may be small and without much meaning, but for us, pain and suffering are very real things; we might as well just for the sake of simplicity call them evil.

    Yes and no - yes because people can live again, and no because I wouldn't want to do it again (at least here on Earth).

    It would be much more fun instead to expand out into space, or even discover a new realm of existence.

    I think people should be allowed to do anything (including dates), although that idea, even with potentially expansive horizons, could also give more room for overall destruction.

    Still, it seems like putting a meter on everything on the whole makes life much more dry than giving it the exploding sparkles. I really need to work on my utopian visions...

    One thing I wish to note is that even if the Mormon gospel and plan of salvation have truth, they're certainly not all complete. It may have part of the full picture, but just realize that you could probably integrate bits and pieces from other religions or world philosophies.

    I think he/she "knows" it's true because Mormons have doctrines that when we pray, God either gives us a "burning of the bosom" if what we're praying about is true, on whatever level; if we experience a "stupor of thought", then that particular aspect is false or not worth your efforts.

    Personally, I've read most of the Book of Mormon, and I think God might be too violent there kind of like he is in the Bible, promoting us to fight wars against those opposed to him. He should allow for more freedom to follow alternative paths.

    Still, I have a theory that God "deliberately withheld" knowledge from the masses and only gave it in "secret Gnosis" to those who could handle it (like Hermes).

    Joseph Smith's quest for a sacred golden treasure buried in dark earth, his involvement with ceremonial magic, the angelic visitations, the pseudepigraphic texts he "translated", his declaration of Masonry as a remnant of priesthood, and his restoration of a Temple with its central mystery of a sacred wedding – all could be fitted into one very recently recognized context: Hermeticism.

    "There are but very few beings in the world who understand rightly the character of God," he began. "If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend their own character." Within humankind there is an immortal spark of intelligence, taught the Prophet, a seed of divine intellect or light which is "as immortal as, and coequal with, God Himself." God is not, however, to be understood as one and singular. Turning to Hebrew and an oddly Kabbalistic exegesis of the first three words of Genesis (an exegesis probably taken directly from the Zohar), Smith pronounced there are a multitude of Gods emanated from the First God, existing one above the other without end. He who humankind calls God was Himself once a man; and man, by advancing in intelligence, knowledge – consciousness – may be exalted with God, become as God.

    Occultism uses the Hermetic and Kabbalistic theory of creation and angelic/demonic forces, as a basis for ritual magic, and theurgy. Most magic theory involves the manipulation of Yetzirah, the world of Formation, and letting the effect trickle down to the physical universe (in accordance to the Hermetic concept of "as above, so below"). This includes the communication and manipulation of inhabitants of Yetzirah, angelic or demonic forces.

    Several Christian Gnostic sects saw the Cosmos were the product of an evil creator and thus evil itself, while Hermetists saw the Cosmos as a beautiful creation in the image of God.[26] Both view that mankind was originally divine and has become entrapped in the material world, a slave to passion and distracted from divine nature. However, the Gnostics often held a pessimistic view of mankind as a result while the Hermetic belief is generally positive towards mankind just the same.

    Anyone who rewards and punishes on the outlines of "doing exactly as he commands" with rigid meters placed on what's right or wrong needs to be looked at with very strong skepticism.

    I for one actually believe in God yes, but surely God is something much greater than our limited faiths depict he/she/it/all to be.

    He should ideally allow for the expansion of individuality and a uptopia than can include EVERYONE!

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    Bury your ideas in a vault for a thousand years to await the unfolding of human consciousness to comprehend your vision.

    I have a theory that prophecies of any nature, such as Astrological predictions can be averted if the right steps of action are taken.

    We have free will; nothing is fixed, and everything is contingent with the choices we choose to make.

    A person of sufficient ugliness can take action to make themselves less ugly, like maybe by living a healthier lifestyle, or not doing things that damage physical constitution.

    The point is, we have control over how our bodies develop and how we present our features, and as such, ugliness is very much a factor in the decision for me.

    Still, it's not like the person needs to be irrestibly sexy; they just need to be clean - and a pure heart sure makes all of that come to life!

    No, I'm completely comfortable and in control of my feelings; they have a lot force, but it's also focused.

    I feel much more metaphysical and capable of transcending all things rather than cosmic and at peace with it all.

    The way of the challenger far exceeds the way of the mediator.

    No, and I don't EVER want to be happy, until my greatest dreams and visions for the future of everything spring into being!

    There's so much progress to be made, and if we just sit around being content with it all, then we won't get any higher.

    Ideally, we should be happy when the entire horizon is open and laid bare to our gaze; ideally, that's what I wish to accomplish.

    I don't really "believe" anything about God - that's an infinite question. Still, it's good to see a widespread interest in the ideologies I have promoted.

    I mean God is a very high-minded entity beyond our current scope and takes on many levels we aren't connected to.

    God can be for instance a pool of infinite promise, can take shape with anything.
    He can be a field of love that fills us all with his light.
    Beings with great powers beyond our own can be Gods.
    Existence as a whole is God in the sense that its supreme and birthed us.

    Ultimately, God may very well be things along those lines, but surely there's much more to it.

    As far as the Beautiful One goes, I subscribe to a theory that our world was corrupted by a parasite, destroyed the old program.

    The good Gods just seem to guide us very indirectly, more like listening to vibrations and giving feelings, whereas the bad Gods cloud it all.

    I titled my newest thread "A Journey to Know the Mind of God", the greatest one of them all.

    Yes, some people are clearly more talented than others, but it's only going to be in their areas of specialty. We each can hone our own unique gifts, push them to the max.

    I'm a type that changes my mind in light of new information or alternative points of view and contingent possibilities way too easily!

    I don't care one bit about the preservation of national security. It's much more visionary I think to imagine a world where people freely give of their own unique gifts and there's world peace, without need for any restrictions.

    I shall one day have the drive and determination to see it happen, even if I'm living in the land of my creation from my own grave!

    Well, it's best not to jump to conclusion about these kinds of things, but still, before you can move the mountain, you have to believe God can give you the strength, now or in future times.

    "The Singularity is an epic metaphor: we all know the story, it’s a way to describe an event horizon, just within our reach, where technological progress will be so profound and our human/technology symbiosis so deep, that by all accounts it will birth a new chapter in human history, a new epoch in the cosmos." - Jason Silva

    Why are mystics and psychics always professying doom and apocalypse? Try to cast brighter horizonsm, even if it's a false dawn.

    We do after all have the power to shape the future, and perhaps the future has promises it can give us back.

    "Physics is the most fundamental, and least significant, of the sciences." - Ken Wilber
    "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." - Nikola Tesla

    The point is that we start from the physics to build ourselves up, but at higher levels of development, mundane science will vanish as we connect with higher forces.
    I think that once we have a theory of everything along with greater technologies, then we can begin empirical explorations of inner space and spiritual worlds.

    "The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. He lives and labors and hopes." - Nikola Tesla

    New horizons have been laid bare to our gaze by the Creator as infinite possible worlds open up for our expansions. We are free to explore this endless platform in all directions to any destination. Building the bridge to reach this point may take very much time, but looking up is easier than flying, and the realization of our ultimate goal is immanent.

    "What has the future in store for this strange being, born of a breath, of perishable tissue, yet Immortal, with his powers fearful and Divine? What magic will be wrought by him in the end? What is to be his greatest deed, his crowning achievement?" - Nikola Tesla

    We have all promise to become like the Creator, to reach the top and ascend beyond. Upon transcending the pinnacle, surely we will be able to accomplish unnatural feats normally restricted from our grasp within the boundaries of our current system. If we annihilate these barriers, then old laws will vanish and new wonders shall spring into being. There's nothing that we can't do!

    Evolution - A life, death, and rebirth of all things; a constant creation and destruction of Suns, Worlds, and Galaxies.

    All of Manifested Creation goes Divineward as the INFINITE MIND of GOD wills that all of Life should evolve upward and onward along the scale of Life, a Spiritward Journey of all things.

    Over time I have built a world-view, like constructing a map of the cosmos, and from this, essentially everything is understandable and anything is possible. All the things I’ve done, have been self-taught by picking up on or asking myself good, clear, penetrating questions to expose and articulate the hidden structures that underlie the experience of living.

    I guess we can approach this problem metaphorically, from the idea of computer programs and how they evolve.
    Perhaps computers can experience dreams, see the future, have a will to life, and so forth.
    They can even learn from experience, integrate it all and become wiser.
    Then there's even theories on how sufficiently advanced computers would be able to take over the world, even though they originally were our subjects.
    Computers could potentially learn to perceive their surroundings outside the limited cybserspace of their own programming.
    Ultimately, we don't really know what's within our limits, or what limits can be transcended. The wonders of yesterday are today common occurences.

    This is a good point; it could just be the end of the world as we know it, like it could undergo some kind of higher transformation in future times.

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    No, it isn't. The Buddhists are way too detached to their empowering passions, and they are also much too passive in their stupid peace philosophies of just harmoniously connecting with everything. Those who really love things surely wish to create what's "best for all", and I'm sorry to say that Buddha sitting around naked under the tree isn't going to make any progress towards that. If you want to find the "ultimate answer of everything", love is a central point of importance to integrate. There's a quote by Revan that goes, "You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. Those who do not—those who try to walk the path of moderation—will fail, dragged down by their own weakness." The greatest power is Love!

    True, mercy ended up being what saved the galaxy. But if it weren't for Revan first initiating radical new courses of action, then there wouldn't have been all of the developments he worked to generate and control. Revan did the dark side partially to better protect the galaxy from the true Sith. It was a strategy for peace. Then later on, he sacrificed himself to halt the Sith Emperor's force of will and need to expand his annihilations.

    I can see your point. True clarity of vision can integrate passions, but it shouldn't be controlled by passions, lest we sacrifice pure perception. Then it's better yet when we can objectively verify these things in context for ourselves. I did read just now pieces of your article, and it's good to see you are following a path.

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    The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality

    The examination of parallel universes, wormholes, & extra dimensional portals might sound like the beginning of a Ray Bradbury novel--but this isn't science fiction.

    In The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality, authors Larry Flaxman and Marie D. Jones present their theory of The Grid --the pattern by which all of reality is built upon and structured around. Using evidence from quantum theory as well as support from many religious and spiritual traditions, The Grid hypothesizes that, like a skyscraper, reality is constructed in a rising grid pattern, layer upon layer, with doors, windows, stairs and other "connectors" between levels of reality, and theorizes that we may be able to use these connectors to access other planes of reality.

    With illustrations to demonstrate the true, hidden nature of reality, and examples pulled from both science and many major religions, The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality examines the evidence for the author's theory, and presents an explanation for the interconnectivity of all of existence.

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    How many stars are there? I'm going to be the first one to see them all!

    The ultimate aim is building our bridge to the superman!

    It means you have evil schemes for cosmic domination and destroying everything in the natural order!

    Old laws and foundations must be broken before new worlds can spring into being - truly this is the way of the Creator.

    No, because someone else (namely my alter ego) could bring my great ambitions into realization before my true self (pun intended) that I actually inhabit can live those uptopian dreams as the glorious and guiding light to our ultimate salvation.

    This pretty much means that I wouldn't want someone else getting the rewards and recognition.

    I jest in part, because I'm all for everyone advancing our condition, but I'm still very much out there to make myself rise up to great heights.

    I know the Sith Emperor in Star Wars (way before that douchebag Palpatine ever existed) was bent upon bringing the entire galaxy under his tenacious grip and purging it of all life, making himself omnipotent and able to do anything.

    But then a charismatic and uber-powerful Jedi named Revan halted his expansions and became a living legend by assuming the title of Dark Lord and bringing the Republic into the verge of collapse, only to make it emerge all the more triumphantly from the struggle, better able to deal with future threats to its existence; but it was at the cost of his own freedom and being.

    There's a long story behind that, but the point is, success is more than what winnings we gain - it's also what we do with the gift of life.

    I just felt like going on a crazy rant. But being a prophet for our enlightenment and future destiny sure seems fun and full of high-minded purpose!

    What's important is that I'm living the life I want to make the life I want.

    He's probably the same type as Darth Revan, the great revolutionaries of the galaxy!

    Things must often be challenged for them to change, give them an element of dynamism.

    One must become wise and powerful to be a guiding light towards our ultimate salvation.

    Ultimately, forging the image of perfection is the end, or is it a bridge (and what's perfect)?

    1. Why does everything exist?
    2. What is the meaning of life?
    3. Who are we?
    4. Why are we here?
    5. Where are we going?
    6. What is everything all about?
    7. Can we know the mind of God?
    8. How do we perceive things?
    9. What is real?
    10. Do we have free will?
    11. What is truth?
    12. How many worlds are there?
    13. Can we find happiness?
    14. What is love?
    15. What is virtue?
    16. Is there good and evil?
    17. What is time?
    18. How is space created?
    19. How many levels does life have?
    20. Is existence finite or infinite?
    21. Is there a center to everything?
    22. Can anything go beyond infinity?
    23. Can existential laws be altered?
    24. Can we live in Heaven?
    25. Can we achieve eternal life?
    26. How should omnipotence be used?
    27. What is perfection?
    28. Is existence as it should be?
    29. Can we transcend all restrictions?
    30. Is everything open or determined?
    31. Will existence expand or end?
    32. Why is life a challenge?
    33. Are all things moved by causes?
    34. Do alien worlds have different laws?
    35. Why is everything always changing?
    36. What is possible or impossible?
    37. Can prophecies be averted?
    38. Do we live in a matrix?
    39. Were we created by aliens?
    40. What is the value of evidence?
    41. Are things as we see them?
    42. Does pure reason have limits?
    43. What should we have faith in?
    44. How do new creations originate?
    45. Is mind the prime cause?
    46. Are some ways more correct?
    47. How important is individuality?
    48. Should we be at peace?
    49. Can all wars be ended?
    50. Is victory a bridge or a goal?

    What is the origin of the Universe? What is its first cause? Is its existence necessary? (see monism, pantheism, emanationism and creationism)
    What are the ultimate material components of the Universe? (see mechanism, dynamism, hylomorphism, atomism)
    What is the ultimate reason for the existence of the Universe? Does the cosmos have a purpose? (see teleology)
    Does the existence of consciousness have a purpose? How do we know what we know about the totality of the cosmos? Does cosmological reasoning reveal metaphysical truths? (see epistemology)

    Our universe may indeed be a self-contained system, but we haven't penetrated far enough to make conclusions about how or why it exists.

    I like to think that consciousness allows us to contruct things mentally and perceive them, build things up to higher complexity and order.

    I agree that our minds do have a meta-perspective of sorts, goes beyond the constraints of physics, and has an inner essence separate from the external matrix. They may still act on each other however.

    True, we can only see what our biology has programmed us for, but we don't know how far the metaphysical powers of the mind can go.

    Well, I don't like to think that all things are necessary; some things just are, even if we can't explain how or why.

    We don't even know the basic architectures of our universe - whether it's open and infinite or finite and closed, a positively curved sphere or a negatively curved saddle, or even a flat torus. Surely there's no way we can know what lies beyond it all, at least not yet.

    It's usefulness is in that we can have life, both experience it and have a means for preserving it longer. But that's only at our level of existence as we know it. Up above, assuming any of that exists, perhaps our minds could do so much more. I would even say that evolution is an integral factor here, as it makes changes that we can perceive, and can lift us up to higher states.

    Reason can carry us to the pinnacle, but only with sufficient faith will we jump off of the mountainside and fly up into the sky.

    We don't need to expect scientifically verifiable results for everything before its time has come. Try telling the American Indians from times past to prove that the Earth is round, or that the Earth isn't the center of the universe; that under our present observations is the real fact, but people with limited perceptions would have no means of proving so. As such, they would need fundamental theories first to lay foundations for future explorations.

    Pure theories may lack immediate usefulness, but they also have promise for much more development beyond the world as we know it, can come to expand our horizons and vision.

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