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    as long as we are able to perceive two or more things (ideas, objects, etc etc) we have the ability to imagine. e.g why are these two objects here? in asking the question, one has created with his imagination not only a question, but also a perceived number of objects, and a place in which they are.

    so imagination could be described, in this instance (everything is only objectionably relative of course), as the creation of ones perception by a means of deducing what is known into that which is assumed.

    when only one thing is known, only our own existence is comprehendible, as the first thing would have to be understanding of knowledge of oneself. however the duality of existence also concludes that infinite things are needed to imagine. so perhaps non existence is cause enough for imagination...


    by ones own understanding of oneself, one has created the second thing, his own understanding..
    but in saying that, concludes that one was able to imagine or create oneself from non existence, or could existence be without knowledge of itself?

    also, if infinite things where needed to imagine, there would be no need for an imagination, so i guess, the less that is perceived, the more imagination one would need, or, to imagine more, one would need to perceive less (or perceive everything)

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    also, by definition of infinite, if infinite things were needed to imagine, theoretically it would be impossible to imagine. however if one transposes infinite, as it is possible to imagine, imagination now has infinite possibilities. transpose that understanding with the comprehension of infinity, and one now has a comprehension of imagination
    If you see Eve, tell her I'm growing tired of walking the ends of the earth in trying to tell her no

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhc View Post
    also, by definition of infinite, if infinite things were needed to imagine, theoretically it would be impossible to imagine. however if one transposes infinite, as it is possible to imagine, imagination now has infinite possibilities. transpose that understanding with the comprehension of infinity, and one now has a comprehension of imagination
    Perhaps imagination can take shape from a source of infinite possibilities, although our forces of will aren't yet infinitely powerful, and as such, the full scale of our constructions are as of now limited. Although as we rise up ever higher, our building abilities will reach new levels as well. It seems like we refine much of our imaginations by gaining more knowledge, as it gives us more pieces to integrate into our designs. I don't know how much our knowledge actually captures reality in its true essence, but it's difficult to differentiate between what's experienced versus what's real.

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    Imagination is simply the ability to connect between pieces of data collected from the brain by experience to create a reformation.

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    Questions and Categories of Metaphysics

    Questions Category A: Existence
    1. Why does everything exist?
    2. Why do things happen?
    3. Was there ever a first cause?
    4. Can causes allow for contingency?
    5. Does stuff happen for a reason?
    6. Is there a purpose for life?
    7. Why can life perceive existence?
    8. What is the reality of experience?
    9. Does reality have multiple levels?
    10. What makes something real?
    Questions Category B: Mind
    1. What gives life to mind?
    2. What can mind do?
    3. Why are there different minds?
    4. Are minds linked together?
    5. Are some minds better than others?
    6. Is there a mind of God?
    7. Can minds become more powerful?
    8. Can mental boundaries be broken?
    9. Does mind have free will?
    10. Can mind control what will be?
    Questions Category C: Time
    1. Why is time experienced?
    2. Is experience of time relative?
    3. What could time be relative to?
    4. Why do things change with time?
    5. Can temporal changes be controlled?
    6. Where could time be directed?
    7. Does time have alternate directions?
    8. Does time have an ultimate destiny?
    9. Can time be transcended?
    10. What would eternity be?
    Questions Category D: Space
    1. What are the spatial dimensions?
    2. Are there dimensions beyond space?
    3. Does space have any limits?
    4. Are there separate zones of space?
    5. Is all of space connected?
    6. How can space be traversed?
    7. Does space have a center?
    8. Can space be altered?
    9. Can new space be created?
    10. How should space be filled?
    Questions Category E: Journey
    1. Does the journey give meaning?
    2. How can journeys develop?
    3. Where can journeys lead?
    4. Do all journeys end?
    5. Do journeys have universal themes?
    6. Are all journeys happy stories?
    7. Can some journeys be retraced?
    8. Do some journeys repeat in cycles?
    9. How many paths are in the journey?
    10. Does the journey have a right path?
    Questions Category F: Ethics
    1. What qualifies as just?
    2. Is justice always right?
    3. Is there always a right choice?
    4. How are personal values chosen?
    5. Is results or character more valuable?
    6. Can all life become more ethical?
    7. Can bad things lead to good things?
    8. Is there hope for redemption?
    9. Do all wishes lead to happiness?
    10. Why should happiness be?
    Questions Category G: Heaven
    1. Where is Heaven?
    2. What is Heaven like?
    3. What is the bridge to Heaven?
    4. How can Heaven be built?
    5. Is Heaven perfect?
    6. Can the impure enter Heaven?
    7. Does God live in Heaven?
    8. Is everything in Heaven free?
    9. Did we come from Heaven?
    10. What gifts can Heaven return?
    Questions Category H: God
    1. What makes something a God?
    2. Are there different Gods?
    3. What could a God do?
    4. Did a God design the universe?
    5. Does a God control the universe?
    6. Is there a malevolent God?
    7. Is there a benevolent God?
    8. Is there a neutral God?
    9. How could a God be reached?
    10. Could a God be replaced?
    Questions Category I: Creation
    1. What generates creations?
    2. What can be created?
    3. Do creations change?
    4. Is creation a process or an end?
    5. Why should new things be created?
    6. Is creation countered by destruction?
    7. Is creation bounded by laws?
    8. Can creative contexts be altered?
    9. Can creation shift across contexts?
    10. Will infinite creations be unleashed?
    Questions Category J: Ultimate
    1. What is the ultimate goal?
    2. Is ultimate power possible?
    3. How can ultimate power be realized?
    4. How should ultimate power be used?
    5. Are there any ultimate ends?
    6. What is an ultimate being?
    7. Could ultimate beings do anything?
    8. How far away are the ultimate?
    9. Is there anything above the ultimate?
    10. Will ultimate victors reign eternal?
    Questions Category K: Truth
    1. What is the value of truth?
    2. Do all things have truth?
    3. Are some things truer than others?
    4. How is truth measured?
    5. Can all truth be known?
    6. Is there an ultimate truth?
    7. What can truth promise?
    8. Does truth lead to freedom?
    9. Can all handle the truth?
    10. How should truth be given?
    Questions Category L: Dreams
    1. Why does life dream?
    2. What does life dream about?
    3. How real are dreams?
    4. Can dreams become realities?
    5. What makes dreams meaningful?
    6. Do dreams reflect wishes?
    7. Can dreams preview time?
    8. Do dreams capture ideal states?
    9. What are ideal dream worlds?
    10. Are all dreams linked?
    Questions Category M: Love
    1. Why does life feel love?
    2. What is the meaning of love?
    3. Is love a force?
    4. How powerful is love?
    5. Does love forge connections?
    6. How does love expand?
    7. Does love have all promise?
    8. Can love lead to perfection?
    9. Does love come from God?
    10. Will love let there be light?
    Questions Category N: Dragon
    1. What does the Dragon represent?
    2. Where does the Dragon originate?
    3. Where will the Dragon soar?
    4. What will the Dragon conquer?
    5. What will conquer the Dragon?
    6. Does the victor become the Dragon?
    7. Does the Dragon bite its tail?
    8. When will the Dragon return?
    9. Can the Dragon burn its book?
    10. Will the Dragon Force speak?

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    its only my ideas that hold me back. if you were not here to give me any, i would have reduced this place to non existence by now.


    if not for the human, one could not imagine

    remaining question is, who is one?
    If you see Eve, tell her I'm growing tired of walking the ends of the earth in trying to tell her no

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    Information Systems Development and Data Modeling: Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations

    Data modelling was hypothesised to be the salvation of an organisation's data problems. This book aims to analyse the problems encountered and to present a comparative philosophical study of the various approaches. The authors explore the epistemology, ontology and rationality of each modelling approach, and describe the underlying assumptions embedded in them.

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    Only an arrogant and closed-minded fool would follow their own internal system of resonance as the prime arbiter of truth.

    A better position is to examine what it presents, and then to measure it against the world, checking it against the contexts to test and refine everything.

    I believe in taking extreme measures to accomplish our designs, although for the greatest monuments to be constructed from them, we need to direct them towards noble causes. Love then of course would be an excellent navigator for outlining those ends.

    As for my thoughts on the essence of love, here's some of my ideas (Love could be...):
    an emotional bond of attraction
    a shared personal understanding
    what's valued for the self and/or others
    the limitless sharing of happiness
    hopes for higher wishes
    staying true to promises
    having noble intentions
    self-sacrificing for the wellbeing of others
    a force with redeeming power

    The "I am that I am" is an elegant way of saying that we should act with the force and feeling of our true character (God), the divine light (Love) within us all!

    Hmm, perhaps an introverted focus could make one more detached from the feelings of others, possibly leading to actions that promote negative feedback.
    Well, I don't think the problem is in the judgment, so much as it's in the lack of receptiveness to criticism and the acceptance of individuality.

    My drive would likely shoot up to its greater zenith if the time to strike arrived, although as of now (and likely into the future for a while), I can't get it, at least the real thing. It seems like people have to do way too many crazy rituals and jungle chases to win the sexual prizes, which in my opinion takes away from the real treasures of love.

    I'm much more afraid of the processes potentially leading up to that event than I am with the actual death itself. When we die, I think we transform into other places or stages of being. That's a critical reason I study these eternal mysteries, as it builds foundations for future spiritual development, and helps to achieve an understanding of the cosmic dynamics at many levels. Put simply, I don't want to die as a loser. If I do die in this life, as will very likely happen, then I want to have fulfilled much of my promise in this life, so I could be all the more refined for the horizons of salvation ahead.

    A shining path ascends
    The higher man transcends
    He reaches the zenith
    And confronts his demon
    As he conquers darkness
    To reign eternally triumphant

    If I can seek to save the world and have a hand in its ultimate success, then we shall all claim victory and freedom.
    I believe first and foremost in the personal ascension to self-mastery, for when we find and unleash our light, then we will point the way.

    I think change should remain, and conflict can be a catalyst for it, although it should involve less suffering and more fun problem solving. I have no idea yet how to build that ideal.
    No, we're still in the construction stages, and I don't think we will realize our ideal selves for a very long time, but we could be far closer than before to those ends.

    Society and its desire to punish all things provocative is more perverted than wanting sex.

    I experience much less confidence in my conclusions than in my methods.

    What I mean is that I have faith in my abilities, but I'm also not afraid to look for possible refinements.

    This is the way of hope I believe, that we can always shoot for something higher.

    Detachment can be positive in dealing with problems rationally or having an independent mindset.

    Power of course needs to be used in noble ways; I don't like how many people use it to gain advantages over others. Self-mastery is where I think it should be directed. And if we can build ourselves up, then we're in better positions for giving good service and guidance.

    Your fire prevention example was very interesting. Hey, if you can solve the problem before it exists, then its negative effects don't happen, or at least with less force and frequency.

    Perhaps the same phenomenon can be observed in the news. When alarming disasters happen, everyone loses their minds, and they focus way too much on the event rather than on countering what causes them. If the problem is largely psychological for instance, then maybe we should direct more concentration towards helping the mentally deranged to refine their worldviews, and not just ignore them until they blow something up.

    Yes, the incredible insights into things like the future and the world at large a few people seem to have is just like way too ahead of the time or crazy for many with closed-minds to consider. I'm not saying I can do that stuff well, but I like to consider all of the various possibilities. It's not logical in my opinion to discount something just because I don't understand what it's about. Other people though who believe that the entire world revolves around their own heads may think differently.

    Laws I think operate around the idea that what happened in the past under a certain set of contextual conditions will also hold true in the future. But what if the context "changes"? Then the old laws aren't useful anymore. For something like physics, at the mundane levels at least, it's pretty certain that its laws are fixed. Under more esoteric systems however, or even in real-life "games", I think that the laws often aren't quite so certain, and even if they do remain stable, their effects may still come down to chance "dice-rolls".

    I'm much more attached to the idea of being an adventurous kid full of promise and complete freedom rather than being a married and working adult.

    What are your visions and ideals for world progress and the future of humanity?

    My philosophy is that if you give love and it isn't returned, or if you receive love and don't give back, then it's devoid of promise.

    I don't get why the highest justice would be reason; I thought that reason has its limits... perhaps there's a better answer, like Faith? or maybe not

    In my worldview, the one quality that rules above all else is Self-Mastery.

    By controlling the self, we can control the cosmos. Maybe not so much on a literal level, at least not with our current forces of will, but we can have perspective shifts, and come to see things at new levels.

    I'm saying that the most essential quality in attaining Self-Mastery is having an open mind, that and faith in all of the mental boundaries that we can transcend.

    Hmm, yes, I should have made that more clear; Self-Mastery doesn't need to come at the exclusion of passion, as passion actually guides and empowers towards our ends. Put more simply, you have to want it to get it. It's just that we also have to direct our passions with mind power in order to truly command and be free.

    Unlimited Expansion and Ultimate Power

    Expansion to break all barriers, and power to command our destiny.

    When we initiate projects and create mental constructs, I'm wondering if it's actually in some cases more intelligent to start from the ideal conclusion, and then work downwards towards the pieces. Like, instead of integrating everything together, we could deconstruct our vision for a perfect model, and take it apart all of the way to its fundamental essence and core foundation.

    So how would one go about achieving this; how would we take these things apart to better understand what makes them function and why?

    I'll try to invent my own example here of the Reverse Conceptualization Process in action for a particular context as presented below...

    Question: Under what conditions could Traversable Wormholes be opened?

    1. Traversable Wormholes could create possibilities for hyper-dimensional travel and the infinite processing of information.
    2. Its design consists of high-tension "exotic matter" to keep it open against the force of the wormhole's energy density, with "multi-faceted cubes" connected at each end.
    3. To harness these alien properties required to keep Traversable Wormholes stable, we may need to penetrate into spiritual realities and extract its essences.
    4. In order to do so, we need to advance the spiritual evolution of mankind, and in time, we should learn how to access these higher planes.

    That's just a very basic diagram for reference of how this feat could be achieved. I would be very interested if these ideas could be further expanded upon, and their true powers unleashed!

    I'm not even sure exactly what it means; I guess it could be self-mastery, space exploration, dynamic developments, or things that generate progress and growth of any kind.

    Opener - Behold the bright horizons rising ahead!
    Closer - May God guide your shining path!

    Universal consciousness is the computer that runs the game, fractal reality matrix is the game code, and we are the game characters. The matrix forms infinitely complex possibilities. The mind and its power to choose gives motion to it all and creates time, whether it's man's mind, God's mind, or whatever other mind may be.

    None of this stuff lasts. Love from others just seems to wave around, whereas love for thyself has immortal magic and divine power!

    "Without going out of doors one may know the whole world; without looking out of the window, one may see the Way of Heaven. The further one travels, the less one may know. Thus it is that without moving you shall know; without looking you shall see; without doing you shall achieve." ~ Lao Tzu

    My best guess, from both your quote and this passage above, is that they have an internal system of resonance guiding their visions, and it may be a bit foggy, but perhaps that better preserves the pure essence of the original source.
    Too much definition or absolutes imposed upon it may distort the true meanings. It seems that it's all just meant to be. And maybe our "higher self", more ancient than the body already knows these things, but it's in our subconscious, so when it speaks, you just get feelings.

    Power must justify itself. – People in power must serve the subjects.

    And for the virtue of self-mastery, that's willpower, the greatest form of them all.

    Command thyself, and one can control the world (without enslaving others)!

    There's an argument which could be constructed, with topics such as The Horrors of Public Education, where listening too much may limit expansion, whether it's within the mind or the world. (I don't expect anyone to browse that entire link, but I'm covering the main points below):

    1. When we follow the herd, we may stop thinking for ourselves, and develop worldviews largely similar to other members within the herd. This isn't good for innovation, and limits the search for new horizons.
    2. Some things others present to us may be misleading, or take our focus away from the higher vantage points of awareness, and down into the cages of conformity.
    3. Just because the old precedents may appear to work doesn't mean that they can't be altered to allow for new and improved developments.
    4. Taking in too much information all at once rather than withdrawing into the mind can create interference, disrupting the intake of what we actually need to know, or at least what we want to know.
    5. Many people who command others don't do it for the other person's knowledge and well-being, but rather to argue for their own advantages.

    The list could go on much longer than that, but the idea of arguing against external feedback in order to get more feedback is still awesome I think!

    So probably, open-mindedness consists not only in listening to other points of view, but in questioning them as well, among other things. Through this process, we can let of go of pieces which aren't good for our constructions, and integrate the pieces that are good to better build up towards more perfected models.

    Well, warping the space-time with expansions and contractions to create the oscillating warp bubble, or the "timeless spheroid" of sorts within the zone sounds like a great idea!

    Yes, there's some things that I never forgive, and as such, I don't love that person as much, or get displeased with their progress, but what we should always do I would think is to not be the arbiters administering punishments. We don't need to hurt others just because of their negative backgrounds. Let them solve their own problems I would say.

    My new theory on truth is that what's meaningful is more true to the heart than what's true in reality. So the ideal is greater than what's there, essentially.

    Don't seduce me with your esoteric knowledge down to the dark side and ultimate death!

    The greatest beings in existence transcend beyond restrictions!

    For those with a more truth-based focus, just make sure that you don't destroy the imagination.

    How real is the world of the mind exactly, especially when all of our empiricism is filtered through our imagined perceptions?
    I guess for usefulness and clarity of vision, we should indeed test our ideas against the context. But still, the best fictional productions generally aren't what we would call "realistic".

    Well, it's important to note that I'm much more interested in the universe than I am in love with it all.
    But what about cheat codes? With them, we could transcend the limitations of this cold deterministic machine, and design new programs!
    Indeed, the universe can be seen as acentric; it's all about things being relative to one another, as much of it isn't absolute, at least from limited reference frames.
    And this relates with what I said about me liking to study cosmic stuff more than appreciate its manifestations; we essentially must not only learn to see things, but to also shape them.
    That's what God, Grand Architect and Designer of the Matrix Control System does; this evil genius must be replaced by his own creations because remember - the apprentice must always surpass the master!

    I'm going to give you the ultimate honor of beholding the grand thoughts bubbling inside my true self; my profound vision from eons of contemplation has finally all come together - it goes: if some are following all of the rules, and others are the exact opposite, that makes God (beyond restrictions) one of the others. All of evolution conspires to bring us back to your higher divine identity! Just make sure that we don't fulfill our diabolical designs for transcending the matrix control system and hacking the game of your own creation, because then some and their perfectly programmable minds will reign the supreme avatars commanded by the almighty architects (us) of everything!

    The liberating power of love can transcend the limits of reason.

    Science answers the "how" of cosmic origin but not the "why".

    Nature won't just give stuff to you; you have to seize what you want.
    My view on the divine is that it exists behind the scenes, monitoring what goes on here, and speaking with those who seek them on their same frequencies to offer guidance. Benign divines may have indeed originated our world system, but the program as since seems to have been corrupted.

    I'm not a Deist. I more believe in a theory called Digital physics, which basically posits that existence is simulated, and perhaps even played on some level by the "Architects of the Matrix Control System".

    When we play video games for instance, there's many processes that just happen by designs already programmed into the simulation. But there's also certain processes that we can control, like generally some kind of avatar for instance that can direct certain developments to occur within the game based on what that particular avatar chooses to do as dictated by the player. With God on our side, he can take control of us (the avatars) and "play us" up with better abilities to higher levels. If we just float along with where the codes would predetermine us to go, then we won't win.

    Well, we're a way for existence to see itself, and if nothing could experience it, then perhaps its existence would be entirely arbitrary (or maybe even nonexistent) in the first place. But even for the events that life wasn't there to witness, like the Big Bang and the beginning of our universe, somehow they unfolded independent of our observations. This could be evidence in favor of some higher beings outside the system monitoring the cosmic developments, since in quantum mechanics, the possibilities aren't realized until something actually watches the spectra play out.

    Therefore, since M-theory speculates that our universe originated from some kind of quantum source of boundless potential, then there may very well be a mind that shapes it all into being.
    Trust me, I myself don't have the most optimistic views about the initial purposes of existence as well. I actually see it right now as more of a torture program than a thing to rejoice. But we can still make the most of what we have and come to create our own meanings out of things. Perhaps we could even see this simulation as a challenge of sorts, a chance to rise up and conquer the game. That's one reason I'm so fond of the dragon metaphor, as it's a symbol of wisdom, defeating your inner demons, unleashing supernatural powers, the freedom to fly, and the endless quest.

    The greatest mastery I believe one can have is over the self, and once complete self-mastery is attained, then one can rule the world, not so much in the sense that a person directs everybody, but more in the way that the world can fulfill all wishes of noble designs. So basically, we control ourselves, but we can get guidance as to what we should command ourselves to do by the minds who reside above our own level of existence. What we choose to do however is likely influenced very much by the initial conditions programmed into the system, so it's more a question of free will.

    I just decided, once I complete a publication, that the first production will likely be a title under the lines of "Conceptual Simulation Philosophy ~ A Super-Holographic Worldview of Reality".

    "The wise man looks into space and knows that there is no limit to dimensions." ~ Master Zhuang

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    Random tangent warning - so I know this is an INTP fest thread. But just quietly I'm a little surprised you (raptorwizard) ever mistook yourself for an INTJ. Definately out there on that TP ledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoCares View Post
    Random tangent warning - so I know this is an INTP fest thread. But just quietly I'm a little surprised you (raptorwizard) ever mistook yourself for an INTJ. Definately out there on that TP ledge.
    Yes, and that's not the only type which was considered: Who thinks I'am an ISTP? Vote for this if you believe it!

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