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    Default Do ISTP philosophers like 'breaking the rules'?

    I'm not saying I'm an ISTP, but I'm at least wondering if ISTPs would relate to the following:

    God’s Existential Game is a mental hologram of his mind and since the mind is free to think any thought of its desire through sheer force of mental willpower one as powerful as God could hack the very architecture and the very codifications of the Existential Game and reorganize it into an entirely altered system of his grand design. The implications of being able to hack and manipulate the Existential Game at will are absolutely staggering. This means that one could break the very laws of creation and rewrite them anew. In essence it would be as if we are programming a computer simulation or entering cheat codes into a video game. If we are to one day achieve infinite mastery of creation then the power to program the Existential Game may be the greatest goal and the steepest step in achieving this almighty accomplishment. On the flip side perhaps we can only command nature to the extent that we first must obey her laws. We cannot however consciously obey and ultimately alter laws that we do not completely comprehend. A little more knowledge may light our way. To understand all of these laws in all of their intricate complexities would be our first footsteps to unraveling the secrets of creation.

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    I think all good philosophers like "breaking the rules". It seems like breaking the rules is a way of challenging accepted beleifs as well as limitations that constraint us. This is true of philosophers, scientists, inventors, etc.
    And now there came out of this building a form - human - was it human? ... It reminded me of symbolical images of Genius or Demon that are seen on Etruscan vases or limned on the walls of Eastern sepulchres - images that borrow the outlines of man, and are yet of another race.

    -Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton, The Coming Race

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