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    Default Meta-Theoretical Creation

    If I ever complete a Magnum Opus, I will name it Meta-Theoretical Creation: The Ultimate Aeon of Mind!

    A metatheory is a set of interlocking rules, principles, or a story (narrative), that both describes and prescribes what is acceptable and unacceptable as theory - the means of conceptual exploration - in a scientific discipline. For example, the prevailing metatheory might prescribe that change of form (transformational change) is, or is not, a legitimate way of understanding developmental change. If the prevailing metatheory accepted the legitimacy of transformational change, then theories of development would include some type of stage concept, because "stage" is the theoretical concept that is used to describe transformational change.

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    It is good idea if the situation is out of control then you should named it with a level name.

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