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    Quote Originally Posted by dnivera View Post
    How often do I experience existential breakdowns?

    Frequently, whenever I get tired of the daily routine and scenery if I've been doing the same thing for too long. At first, when I start a new venture (start a new degree, new job, hobby, or project), I'm very inspired and have a sense of purpose and conviction. As I move through the routine tasks associated with the project, I start to get bored and lose the original insight and motivation. I have those moments when I look up from my desk and want to scream out of frustration, what am I doing here? Why am I doing this?
    I can fully relate.

    fellow ISTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Do you have a strong, positive outlook on life and feel secure, in that you're here and existing for a reason, that life has meaning and that you hold a purpose?

    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    How often do you question your stable and secure mentality (assuming you have one)?
    I don't feel I have a stable and secure mentality, if by mentality we mean a framework of principles that can be relied upon to stablely and securely guide life choices.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    How do you deal with the doubts when they arise?
    I spin around in a circle interiorly trying to find something secure to hold on to and when that is apparently absent I spiral myself a nice neat little six foot deep grave to lie down to nap in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    I don't want to get off topic but heart made a comment about developing Fi. How do you develop something like that? Isn't that the kind of thing that you either have or you don't?
    My sense is yes and no. You have a natural ease with it or not. An INFP as Fi dominant would have supreme ease with Fi in theory. The further down the list of functions it falls, the less amicable the relationship with Fi would likely be. Yet according to theory everyone has access to every function, so perhaps, as many would preach, the answer for us all is not 42, but rather Fi. I'm not convinced that's true for anyone aside from those Fi-dominant it actually is the answer for. Good for you if you manage to find a useful relationship with Fi and it solves your problem. For me the condemnation of those Fi-dominate who have decried my natural expression as faulty and said "become 'Fi-me' instead" has only served to spin me deeper into my grave digging efforts. I wish you better luck with it if you choose to accept the challenge.
    "We don't see things as they are,
    we see things as we are."
    ...Anais Nin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    I can fully relate.

    fellow ISTJ.
    Yeah, and we're supposed to enjoy structure and routine? I don't think so.

    I actually have more fun when I go against structure. I was big on office pranks, for example.

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    I have had many reasons/occasions in my life to experience a meltdown but for some reason I haven't...not fully. During one particularly traumtic period I knew fully I should be plummeting from the sky (it really felt this way), but somehow I wasn' was weird. Three thoughts:

    For one thing I have four kids who are all now in their twenties (and that I am very proud of), but this single, large-scale focus for my life has kept me on a track even when the road fell away from me now and again.

    Second...I have a vivid imagination (for better or worse). I think this has helped me recreate myself as circumstances changed, and several times they really did. I didn't change my core values or large-scale direction, mind you, but just how I understood these and how the little pieces of my life could be creatively rearranged to suit evolving circumstances.

    Third...I am a very spiritual person and (again, for better or worse) have a lot of experience in the subject of spirituality. As a good INFJ I also have delved enough into this over many years to find a sense of triangulation between various sources of historical and other inspiration. The fact that some of these are historical is significant for me in that it is not insight purely based on the theoretical or abstractions...the people/places involved had all the complexities, weaknesses, and lack of foresight that is part of the human experience. In times of meltdown, this sense of triangulation seemed to keep me suspended in space, defying the gravity of meltdown quite seperate from my own abilities (as I previously mentioned). It all gave me a sense of inner peace, of certainty (to a degree), and really, courage to realize that others survive and are even reborn through adversities and trauma. a rather large my two cents on what happened to me. I am very grateful for these dynamics at work in my life....and I must admit that I am employing them even now as my life is currently changing once again.

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