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Thread: Feminism SUCKS.

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    Angry Feminism SUCKS.

    I think most of theories of them is CRAP.
    Basically,they always claim "peaceful female and violence male",I think it's nonsense.
    Just because the target of female violence usually is very weak and can't not resist and talk,I think they just good at calculate the success rate of their violence.
    Here is some examples:

    I googled picture keyword "fur",most of people wearing it are female.

    Oh,most of infanticide criminals are female.And these victims can't talk. I usually heard locale news about "found dead rotten infant body"...I guess this time I don't post than image is better than I post.
    Personally,I met a lot of verbal violence and insult by those people who claim themselves are feminists just because I don't want to join into them.Even Muslims didn't act like that way.
    I am such a traitor...bah!
    I am very sure the verbal violence by female far more than verbal violence by male.

    Based on my personal values and these evidence,I don't think female is "peaceful".
    I know some of authoritarian countries,like Russia,North Korea,China,most female in these countries like their authoritarian regimes much more than male...

    I found a logic issue,the human education system is controlled by female more than male.The mothers,kindergarten/primary school teachers,if they are suppose the values of gender equality,they should instill their gender equality values to children,but I didn't see that way.
    Reminding those authoritarian regimes...

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    I wouldn't say feminists necessarily categorize women to be less violent than men.
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    I dunno. I like not being considered property, having a right to an education, being allowed to own property and to vote, etc.
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    uh such ignorance of the OP if he actually knew what the original definition of feminism was than he might have something constructive to say.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    I wouldn't say feminists necessarily categorize women to be less violent than men.
    Feminism is about women rights,
    having women considered less violent i think it comes from them generally having less physical strength than men, thus creating this.

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    No feminist I've met, be they male or female, consider feminism to be a definition. Not any more than Lenin cosidered Commuism to be a defintion.

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    I've certainly felt this way about some militant/radical feminists - but that's how it works with ANY ideology, really. Extremists tend to make the whole movement look bad. Whether that be related to feminism, religion, politics, whatever. We have a ton of feminists on this forum who are perfectly reasonable people with perfectly reasonable ideas about feminism.

    And this is coming from a girl who harbors some slightly misogynistic tendencies.

    You completely lost me at the fur coat thing. You swipe some pictures of paid professional models wearing fur jackets and somehow make a connection between them and feminism? You know that just because they're female doesn't make them feminists, right?
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    The fur "evidence" is a weak point to support your post, imo. We've used animal products for food/clothing/tools for ages. We being the human race in general. Look up leather and there'll be plenty of men & women alike using it. Handbags, wallets, footwear, clothes, car/furniture upholstery, tool handles.. The list goes on. Not to mention, a lot of fur used on men's clothing tends to be inside (big coat liners, etc). Anyway, I'm sure none of those broads went out and clubbed baby seals, haha. Just as I never ran a wild turkey down with my car to eat it (ok, I really wanted to before, but it was only once). I think making the illogical connection between females/violence and the use of animal skins might easily group you into an extremist category, yourself. Some people may immediately think of those red paint-tossing "FUR IS MURDER!" PETA wackos, which would detract from whatever point you were initially trying to make. Hard to take extremists seriously.

    I do think you have a valid complaint, either way, that sometimes the non-physical (& some physical) violence women are capable of can be overlooked. I don't believe feminism itself has much to do with that misconception- it's most likely stemmed from the "weaker sex" gender role we have in most societies, as well as the fact that we do objectively have less muscle mass than men- which is associated with strength- which can be associated with violent capacity/aggressiveness. I would say it's about equal on all fronts with both genders, in the end. Women perhaps have less of a penchant for assault of a sexual nature, but they can control/shame/humiliate/cause others pain and get high on it, just as easily as any unstable male. An adult of either sex can cause a great deal of harm without a lot of muscle mass, one way or the other.

    Anyone imposing their personal beliefs on you by force is an asshole, male or female, but that's just my opinion (ha). I don't have patience for retarded extremism regarding any value system [be it feminazi's or people of various obnoxious religions/lack thereof].. a lot of these people are rendered incapable of being peaceful when their starkly contrasting realities are challenged by even the mere presence of non-believers. There will be self righteous indignation, outrage, and hostility, as that reality is being threatened by the dissonant sounds of your/my/anyone else's own thoughts. What a needless mess. Blegh.

    That stated, I don't think all feminist beliefs/efforts could be grouped into that^ category. Thankfully.

    Like I said, there are people in every position who will take stereotypical beliefs to the extreme/take advantage of situations that reinforce their ideals. The best thing to do is try not to feed it. But ey- if it's *really* bugging you (someone's just in-your-face about it constantly)-- you can always just have fun with it. Make extremely oblivious, subtly misogynistic observations/commentary/act surprised by their reactions when they go off on you/try to hold it in for awhile because they think you're too stupid to even understand. No, it doesn't "solve" anything, but you might as well enjoy yourself.
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    This argument is not effective against feminism.

    True some versions of feminism can contain some hypocritical and destructive beliefs, but that does not invalidate the whole philosophy. If you believe women are equally as valuable as men and should be treated as such...sorry but you're a feminist.

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    Feminism doesn't suck. Feminism is kind of awesome actually. I dunno, I don't want to date women who are all trying to fit some dull cookie-cutter model of what a woman should be. Also, done intelligently, it helps men, too.

    It's just that some people who consider themselves feminists are kind of annoying, and aren't interested in interacting with men as individuals, but rather "men" as a group. That's not how it's supposed to work. Feminism is supposed to compete against, among other things, treating women not according to their talents and qualities and individuals, but as a group of "women".
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