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He's one academic whose philosophy I think was shite, I dont dislike him as much as Satre though.

I think there's more chance that he was sympathetic towards the Nazis than there is that Jung was, although the with the passage of time I think it becomes harder and harder to understand how anyone could have had any view of the Nazis and Hitler as reasonable or sympathetic but at one time a lot of fairly intelligence and smart people did.

Even during and at the end of the war there were anti-Hitler figures among the Nazis and military who were willing to try to make some peace with the rest of the world which would have left some sort of dictatorship intact and people in the west who thought that would be a good idea having always considered the bolsheviks or Stalin as the bigger problem.

My take on it is that he was sympathetic to Nazism, became disillusioned, but not enough to renounce anything he'd said or done.