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    Default Do Agnostics Tend To Be Perceivers?

    A commonality that I've noticed among my acquaintances who are religious or atheist is that they tend to be Judgers; which I suppose makes sense since the function seems to come to conclusions more readily than Perceiving. With atheism, the belief is that in accordance with our current understanding of science, it is sufficient to conclude that no god/creator exists because if it did, then we would be able to prove it. Likewise, religion provides believers with conclusions and in many cases, discourages asking questions. Faith itself depends on coming to a conclusion about a particular issue.

    Just out of curiosity, are you a judger or perceiver and do you consider yourself an atheist, agnostic or believer in God. I assume somebody will complain about the options being too narrow so feel free to elaborate on your particular beliefs.

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    It might be interesting to have a poll. Perhaps just limited to whether the person is a P or J and then if they are religious, agnostic, or atheist? I'd actually be curious to see the results. Your hypothesis sounds like it would be correct, but I haven't noticed it as you have. Interesting topic.

    Edit: I'm a "Judger" I suppose, but I am definitely agnostic. I do not tend to hold absolute conclusions about anything, and most often hold several opinions at once about everything.

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    I agree, this would make an interesting poll.

    I would think that agnostics would tend to be Perceivers, but it's not like it wouldn't make sense for Judgers to be agnostic too. It's probably just that perceiving functions make a person slightly more prone to this type of uncertainty.

    It depends on what you mean by agnostic:
    1. those who believe that we can't know and have stopped searching
    2. those who are still searching (and some within this category have more faith than others that they can eventually come to a conclusion, that the answer's within the realm of human understanding)

    There are probably other distinctions, but I can't think of any right now.

    I'm a Perceiver and identify with #2, and lean towards the "have only a small amount of hope that I'll eventually come to a conclusion" end of that spectrum.

    As far as people in my life whose type I know, there hasn't been much of a significant correlation.

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    I'm a judger and I'm very certain in my uncertainty.

    I think have a weird Romantic, existentialistic twist to my agnosticism though... so maybe it doesn't count as being agnostic after all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moniker View Post
    Just out of curiosity, are you a judger or perceiver and do you consider yourself an atheist, agnostic or believer in God. I assume somebody will complain about the options being too narrow so feel free to elaborate on your particular beliefs.
    I'm a Judger. I am both agnostic and a believer in God. I don't think it's possible to know for certain whether there is a God or what the nature of God is. But I believe in the Christian God and am doctrinally Evangelical.

    Religion, to me, is kind of a short-cut for ethics and philosophy and theology: some of the work is already done for me, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel on every single thing. Some of my beliefs are just kind of ingrained from my upbringing. Like, I could decide tomorrow that God didn't exist, but if I hear of someone having a hard time or something troubling or scary is happening to me, I'm going to pray.

    I've parted ways with my religion on a few things. I can't believe in Hell the way I was taught, for example. Nor do I think being gay or transgendered, etc is sin. Otherwise, I'm okay with a lot of the rest of it so far and I'm not real motivated to do a lot of further exploring. Moving further away from my family on this stuff than I already am would be inconvenient in a way I'd rather not deal with right now. Mostly I just try to focus on being as ethical as my situation and nature allows, because ultimately how you treat people is what I think is most important whether or not there is a God and whatever s/he may be like.
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    I'm guessing....

    i.e. IME I haven't seen a correlation. The trend I've noticed with my agnostic friends has had more to do with whether their family was hyper-religious, not religious at all, or somewhere in between (as opposed to anything to do with type). More likely to be agnostic if their parents were on either extreme.

    Edit: I'm a J, I'm an Episcopalian, and my parents didn't force religion on me -- which is probably why I ended up sticking with it.
    I don't think my beliefs mesh up 100% with that of the church, but in the words of Robin Williams: "No matter what you believe, there's bound to be at least one other Episcopalian who agrees with you."
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    Judger, here, of the agnostic breed.

    I think your theory could be right, though; in deciding that I'm agnostic, I've had to come to a number of conclusions about what I believe.

    My opinion is that we cannot and will not know, that it's arrogant to stake a claim and violently defend it in either direction. I'm open to all points of view, as long as they're delivered without aggression. While not at all religious, I do consider myself a spiritual person. I'd like to think there must be something greater than ourselves, and I entertain ideas such as the interconnectedness of all living beings, etc. I doubt we as humans can prove anything either way (even if we think we know what we're doing), but I don't care, either, because I already have a deep reverence and appreciation for life, and I make it my goal to honor that by enjoying the shit out of mine.

    Essentially: I am comfortable with not knowing. I've made peace with that kind of uncertainty, and to think or worry about it too much would probably just inspire anxiety.

    I guess that would put me a little more into the first camp of agnostics as described by @decrescendo. Perhaps that's the key - maybe, if you're an agnostic Judger, you tend to feel fine with your position and aren't currently seeking another one or constantly questioning yourself. Or maybe my perspective belongs to a separate bin entirely, because it's just a little more nuanced than a simple "nobody can know, and that's that." It's that I'm okay with not knowing, for myself as an individual. Is this more of a Perceiver's point of view?

    For what it's worth, my use of Judgment and Perception appears to be very balanced, split almost right down the middle, Judging just barely edging out Perceiving.

    I'm sure there are plenty of people who would make exceptions to this theory in different ways, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a correlation between Perception and agnosticism. Maybe it's not so much your actual position as it is your approach to it?

    Interesting topic.
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    Agnosticism is a formal philosophical position and it does not preclude the suspension of disbelief in religion or art or movies.

    In other words, our intellectual integrity may lead us to agnosticism, but our imagination may lead us to religion or art or the movies.

    So Agnosticism does not preclude that leap of imagination, or indeed that leap of faith, that is so necessary to suspend our disbelief.

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    No, type is irrelevant; it's just people who are too weak to construct their own worldviews in general.

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    I think the premise here is far too simplistic, it pre-supposes that all religion teaches people not to question first of all (NOT TRUE, though it may be the case in very organized sects or particular faiths that are highly structured) ...and secondly I'm not sure what made you think that a Ji dom, especially an Fi dom, wouldn't form a strong opinion about something.

    There is a way to gain evidence for the power of faith or prayer though. People can see that things like yoga, meditation, prayer, faith, and even belonging to religious congregations seems to make people more mentally balanced for some reason. It's not like you're some miserable cowering person being forced to be religious in most places anymore, you can test it out for yourself.

    You totally forgot about spiritual seekers, Zen Buddhists, etc.

    Oh, plus the religions that are officially agnostic or atheist.

    Are some types of people more open to spiritual experiences than others? Maybe.

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