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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    3rd time? ok...
    ...go on reading...
    ...there's more there...
    lol, I'm done.

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    According to every religion everyone should be count in the end, rather he is agnostics or anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    I'm guessing....

    Thank you for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moniker View Post
    A commonality that I've noticed among my acquaintances who are religious or atheist is that they tend to be Judgers; which I suppose makes sense since the function seems to come to conclusions more readily than Perceiving. With atheism, the belief is that in accordance with our current understanding of science, it is sufficient to conclude that no god/creator exists because if it did, then we would be able to prove it. Likewise, religion provides believers with conclusions and in many cases, discourages asking questions. Faith itself depends on coming to a conclusion about a particular issue.

    Just out of curiosity, are you a judger or perceiver and do you consider yourself an atheist, agnostic or believer in God. I assume somebody will complain about the options being too narrow so feel free to elaborate on your particular beliefs.
    You are having a misunderstanding about (a)theism and agnosticism, you are treating them as if they are mutually exclusive when they are really two separate categories. Agnosticism deals with metaphysical knowledge claims while theism, atheism, ect deals with belief or nonbelief of deities, for example a agnostic atheist acknowledges that whether God exists or not is unknown(and depending on the type of agnosticism, unknowable) but suspends belief in God. A person who is a gnostic theist on the other hand claims there is knowledge of God's existence(usually they claim to have personal knowledge) and they believe in God, a agnostic theist like the agnostic atheist acknowledges whether God exists or not is not known but chooses to belief in God.

    Agnosticism depending on the type can be very conclusive about whether God's existence is knowable to humans, it can turn into a certainty about the uncertainty of humans attaining metaphysical knowledge(known as strong agnosticism). Weak agnosticism leaves open the possibility that metaphysical knowledge might be possible sometime in the future or that the person themselves might someday attain metaphysical knowledge.

    All in all I think it has little to with type although some functions could cause one to question the beliefs of their upbringing more often, mostly notably the Ji functions.
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    I'm an atheist in that I do not believe in God. I'm an agnostic because I don't know for sure (how could I). When asked in public I say agnostic because I have yet to meet a self-identified atheist that wasn't a pretentious ass and I refuse to be associated with such individuals.

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    I just want to know…

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    I dont know, but I'm both.

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