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    As an INTP, I find the idea of a Spinzoan god or primary mover very appealing, so I actually identify with that. I have a hard time grasping the concept of "existence" without something like that. For me, that provides a "reason" for existence. You can start with the Big Bang, and I believe in all of that, but there's a part of me that's unsatisfied, and can't stop asking "But why?"

    I find that most people don't want to go into this detail, so I've just started telling them I'm an atheist.
    What exactly is this "Force" that's moving all things into causation? I think the Big Bang, assuming it was what generated our Universe, is the offspring of some greater collective mind permeating a vast corner of existence. How exactly to visualize such an entity kind of eludes me, but I have a theory that it might be a liquid light, a formless and infinite source that can take on any transformation, become any shape imaginable.

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    I get the sense of a god when I realize how much I don't know about what goes on in the universe and even the world and how out of my hands everything it is. When you realize how infinitesimal your knowledge is, you have to surrender your personal will because you realize you just have no idea about what's best for you, the world, the universe, or anything. You have to learn to let it do what it wants with you, learn to go with the flow. It's like giving your life up. The weird thing is that this is possible at all. It's like you can tap into a higher intelligence just by doing this and things wind up turning out way better than they would have if it had been something you cooked up. The problem is patience - you will be following blindly and you will only find out the plan as it is revealed. Many times you won't know why this intelligence wants you to go through one thing or another, and you don't want to, but you just gotta trust it, I dunno. That's god to me, for now anyway.

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