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    Animism, Natural Selection and Quantum Mechanics

    We were animist for 200,000 years until natural selection and quantum mechanics killed animism.

    And how natural to be animist as we ourselves are animated, we are agents that cause things. So naturally for 200,000 years we thought statistical accidents were cause by someone.

    Even today tribal people believe accidents are caused by someone. When there is an accident, someone is to blame. Just yesterday tribal people in Papua New Guinea tortured and put a witch to death because a little boy died in an accident.

    And we ourselves believe our quantum universe is not just a statistical occurrence but is caused by a first cause called God.

    But quantum mechanics tells us that all is statistical chance, there is no need for a first cause. And natural selection tells us we came about by statistical chance and that we were not designed and so there is no need of a Designer.

    Yet still we are animists ignorant of statistics.

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    Something makes us skewed for good.

    If all were numbers, chance, statistics, and quantum mechanics, then we would not select good, and good would not be our goal. Because we can see in our 'natural' world that science has no compassion. Yet, we are skewed for good.

    This good must come from somewhere outside science.
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    I hope victor outgrows atheism. there is little joy in a statistical world, and no truth for an artist.

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