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    The thing that I didn't like was that the answer dude did have a point about worthless questions. If you hyperfocus on questions that are incapable of being answered or on questions that ask about non-existent objects or objects which we have no current capability of interacting with then your focus can be pulled from more actionable questions that may help you uncover answers that help to illuminate new ways of asking old questions so that you can progress.
    For all that we have done, as a civilization, as individuals, the universe is not stable, and nor is any single thing within it. Stars consume themselves, the universe itself rushes apart, and we ourselves are composed of matter in constant flux. Colonies of cells in temporary alliance, replicating and decaying and housed within, an incandescent cloud of electrical impulses. This is reality, this is self knowledge, and the perception of it will, of course, make you dizzy.

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    I like the artwork, it is very, er, imaginative, I dont think the dialogue was as good.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

    whether or not you credit psychoanalysis itself, the fact remains that we all must, to the greatest extent possible, understand one another's minds as our own; the very survival of humanity has always depended on it. - Open Culture

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    Wonderful @Ism! The Dialogue was very interesting and gave me lots to think about. *brains eats the snacks and burps with bulging belly filled with bits of knowledge*

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    Fantastic. I still TL;DR'd it, but it got more R than most things over 200 words.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I like the artwork, it is very, er, imaginative, I dont think the dialogue was as good.

    Definitely wasn't STJ food.

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    I have met people such as eyeball guy and they are always too self-absorbed to even know what questions are worth asking. The cartoonist clearly writes eyeball guy from his own perspective and this cartoon is just a way for he/she to vent his frustrations with what I'm sure they view as a vastly less intelligent common population. (see: the fish is kept a step behind in the conversation, dresses in old fashioned clothing, and the pet fish on a leash implying that the fish character is just a sheep held captive by some kind of ominous form of mind control which is out to repress the author's freedom. The protagonist is illustrated as a giant eyeball, something often associated with intelligence).

    The truth is, they are lonely and isolated because they are self-absorbed, not because they are intelligent. Look at how eyeball guy cranes over his box if you don't believe me... and he's supposed to be wildly creative and dynamically in-tune with the universe? How can you be so if you're wrapped around something so small and self-centered. Without some common sense to challenge his notions, he'd no doubt spend too much of his time craning over his box of pseudo-intellectualistic "questions" to have any meaningful knowledge of the universe.

    Ugh. I can't stand people like this... if they spent less time trying to be deep and interesting, they might actually become interesting in some way.

    On a more meta level, I find this cartoon says more about the cartoonist than they intended... how they choose to vent through a medium such as this extended dialogue (which I'm sure they have had with themselves) one that cannot be answered to or challenged by anyone in real life. Any person with awareness sees the problem where a single mortal individual has total control over an environment to such an extent they get to play both sides and always go uncontested, yet the author is too dull to see the problem with that... much like eyeball guy and his box of "questions". All of our social advances hinge on the opposite being true--government (democracy), economy (anti-monopoly), etc.

    Unless you're willing to say things like that are the product of ignorance, then you've gotta admit that there is nothing intelligent about this delusional, self-centered view of reality... and that's all it is, a superficial plea for attention, a poor attempt at being "deep" and interesting, which ironically proves to be the opposite--dig into it and you find there's nothing beyond the veneer.

    The truth is, anybody can ask questions. There's nothing special about that... answers are not hinged upon questions, so much as asking the right questions hinges upon knowledge first, and and so the relevancy of the answer also hinges upon knowledge and leads to more knowledge. People who disagree with this usually bring up something like scientific theory, and they are missing the purpose (a recurring problem) of scientific theory is to ask questions correctly so that the answer has meaning. That is why when you dig past this pseudo-intellectual junk you find nothing... just questions, no knowledge, and therefore no relevant, meaningful answers. It's not special or obscure either, it's just nihilism, which is ironically devoid of meaning as much as it so claims that everything is without meaning. It stinks of narcissism.

    How does that work, huh? If this character is supposed to be so deep and full of meaning, how come they are a nihilist? How are they a nihilist you ask? Because they nurse the belief that there ultimately is no ultimate answers, only ultimate questions, and if there is no ultimate answers then it must be because there is no meaning to act as a frame of reference to answer(v.). If you believe there is no meaning in life, you're a nihilist. In case you didn't know, nihilism is stupid, because since it purports there is no meaning, and therefore no answers, that there must also be no answers and therefore no knowledge, and what is the opposite of knowledge? Ignorance. Nihilism is simply embracing ignorance and calling it a philosophy, or like the author, shrouding it in a cartoon. Why even ask questions if there's no knowledge? There's only one reason to do that, and that's to indulge yourself in mental masturbation. Like real masturbation, though, it's just you. It's a fantasy, too... 'cause guess what... lots of people are ignorant and live without purpose and they don't even know it. You probably are frustrated with such people on a daily basis without realizing they don't seek answers either, just like you. The only difference is you've labeled your ignorance... as if it would make it somehow more meaningful (something you don't believe in, right?) so in a way you're even dumber and less aware than they are.

    And that is exactly how this comic, it's author, and eyeball dude strikes me... ignorant. Too ignorant to ever realize it.

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