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My backup answer is that ethics are relative.

Is it ok to put someone in a situation and not let them feel the repercussions of their actions?
I wouldn't want it done to me. I wouldn't want to feel fine but realize that in light of the situation it could be fake and abnormal because of some pill. That would be quite dissonant.

I suppose this could be like comparing it to anesthesia for surgery, but at the same time that plays down the gravity of the situation, which is my concern.

However, I think I could see making an allowance for emergency workers, CASEVACS, firemen, EMT's, people who have to scrape together body parts in general, and maybe make it available to doctors, counselors, chaplains, etc to prescribe out on request.
Now that is a very good summation of what I'm talking about. The dilemma in short.

We're reaching a point in which pharmocology can assist in all kinds of ways in creating and maintaining certain states of mind and responses which would have taken serious mind-body training in the past, which no everyone as a result of their personal development could reach and even then it may not have been as effective.

On the other hand that may not make it right. It would only make it effective.