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    these are lovely and very similar also I like your avatar a lot

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    @Lark, that is good you bring this up. When I was going to church more regularly, there was a lot of focus on spiritual and self improvement. But now, without that context, I think my goals are a lot more results-focused. Trying to get into a PT school, being more punctual, nutritious eating, improving communication, relationships, etc.

    There was a lot of focus on daily prayer and study, and I couldn't ever live up to that standard, so I guess in a way that is a relief, not feeling that pressure anymore.

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    I don't have spiritual goals.

    I am accepted
    I am forgiven
    I am justified
    I am loved
    I am united with my God

    I do have spiritual work to do, but that work is an act of worship and thankfulness not a goal to be achieved.
    "You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him."
    Norm MacDonald

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