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    I don't know any Unicornists, or Dragonists. I suppose the justification of belief in something, especially something like a quark, is in its utility. The belief in a quark is justified by it's utility in predicting physical existence. The justification of belief in universal order, in objective meaning, and of moral authority and other things is its utility in have people act and feel certain ways. That's the truth of it.


    I guess I find this oft-repeated subject naive. The effect of belief in something is more important in judging the worth of something than the physical verification of that thing.

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    I don't believe or disbelieve. I don't really care about them at all.

    Things being too small to see or otherwise invisible doesn't mean they're immune to evidence, though. You can see the wind by looking at the movement of things in its path, even if you can't directly see it. Gravity, same thing. I assume quark scientists have more evidence for quarks than "I just belieeeeve" but I don't know anything about quarks, so I don't waste time believing one way or another. I'd learn the evidence for myself if I had to or wanted to, but neither of those have been true for me yet.
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