Is any fair plus a justice set in the universe?

“Now, please don't take my statements as all or nothing truths. Can people be fair, good, compassionate, and merciful? Of course people have that capacity. For all the progress that’s happened since our dawn, it has been battle. I am aware of many atrocities. There is female genital mutilation. There is bride burning where the husband dies so the woman is tossed unto a burning flame. There is stoning and "honor" killing which is so sick and twisted. To kill another human being for a perceived loss of self- esteem.

It was a much needful fight against the usage with the slavery. It was an uphill battle indeed for just the women voting. We’re not in the arena of gay privilege or animal protection yet. No there is a need to get the populace to envision change. I have no belief if a higher ‘God.’ We are interconnected. So we are star children, and mayhap there is some small way to tap to the universal force. But it will be by our own choice, destiny and will not a God.

Hello people there are still child and sex slaves in the world. Is this fair? There has been slavery since the beginning of time. Is this fair? No. Was it far that there was segregation? No. Was it fair that women had to fight to get the right to vote? No, but it is nonetheless history. Is it fair that there is female genital mutilation going on? Is it fair that there is the burning of widows on their husband’s funeral pyres?

Is it fair that we are wiping out animal species? I could go on. To equivocate the notion the impartial real universe has fairness is a thought distortion. We have to fight to establish justice and social change, wars even to establish this "fairness". I stand by my original premise that both reality and human beings are generally not fair. The sooner we come to grips with this, the sooner we can deal with reality more realistically in addition to being far more effective of nature. I'm saying we have a whole history of fighting for fairness.

I very much think and believe this universe doesn't offer any real fairness. It is what or that which we believe, thus it's very so subjective. I shall also equate that we can tap into the universal energy. Thus we are gods, or a mini-god at any rate. We can grow, as well evolve if we only follow the path of cognitive discipline as well an Emotional Intelligence. Without this learning-we will be lost and swayed with emotion.

Life is not always fair. We must follow our moral conscience. We must fight for the rights of the individual. Whether they be different, or what, is of no consequence. It is our responsibility as a great nation to be the standard-bearer of democracy, as well as the right's and individual freedom. It takes checks and balances. It takes the enforcement of fairness. Human beings seem to have a greed element. There also is the old adage of power corrupts. It also will take better communication skills along with emotional intelligence and empathy to instill fairness.” LightSun