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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    Listen members of typology central, I really have no idea what to do and no idea what to believe. I am frightened in every possible way, no matter which way I turn when it comes to religion. Has anyone else on this forum had trouble sorting out religious beliefs and if so, how did you sort them out?
    Whoa mate. Things aren't this bad. You, just like everyone else, are on a journey of faith. Where you are at present on this journey is very far from being at a plateau. In fact it's a crossroads. Have faith that God understands much better than any of us the tribulations we go through on this journey, that God will love you for it, and will help you. Many of us will die without ever quite having got there. That's OK too. Do you want to be with God for eternity - or do you wish for permanent separation? You'll get a choice at those metaphorical pearly gates. God is a God of love not a bloody arsehole.
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    Hey strong. Life is good.
    I can't give you the ultimate truth, but 'll answer with my personal views. Feel free to ask follow up questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    However, then a new issue arrived and I started questioning if I had really made the right decision giving up my religion. I thought to myself, “Is this right? Is there really no God? Well, I had better be right because if I am wrong, I am going to go to hell.”
    Listen, no human being is perfect. And humans who don't commit many visible sins, ime, are usually the most arrogant and selfish people that exist.

    And if there's a God that creates imperfect humans and send the very same humans to hell because they have committed minor mistakes, that God is meaner than Hitler.

    However, I then came to the realization that if there was no heaven and hell, that meant that I was just dead forever when I died, and that terrified me. So I then wondered if I should put a lot more effort into self-preservation, and preventing death in order to live the longest life possible.
    Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, not to be preserved. By focusing too much on self preservation, you end up wasting your life.

    In the end, a well lived lifespan of 60 years will be much more rewarding than a lifespan of 100 years full of regrets.

    At this point I’m pretty much agnostic.
    Maybe you're in a transition to atheism?

    Listen members of typology central, I really have no idea what to do and no idea what to believe. I am frightened in every possible way, no matter which way I turn when it comes to religion. Has anyone else on this forum had trouble sorting out religious beliefs and if so, how did you sort them out?
    Spend a semester watching Animal Planet and then ask yourself: Would a God have created this?

    Alternatively, try to realize that there are happy atheists, happy agnostics, and happy theists.

    Do you really want to spend the rest of your life without trying to accomplish things just to avoid death?

    And then die without making any meaningful impact in other people's lives? Without having fun, challenging yourself, learning new things, etc?

    I'd also suggest watching Spartacus... I think the show gives a good idea of how it is not to take self preservation too seriously (they believe in afterlife though)

    Anyways, I can't help you with your fears, you'll have to face them yourself. Just keep in mind that whatever your conclusion is, it doesn't have to be a sad or happy thing. There are pros and cons to pretty much every possibility.

    If there's no God, I'm not under any sort of unquestionable divine jurisdiction.

    And dude, how awesome is that.

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    Be happy with your beliefs and don't worry about what others think. I have always been wary of religion because I didn't like the "fear aspect" that I came to associate with the religion I grew up with. I played by the motions of organized religion because that is what I thought I HAD TO DO as opposed to actually living by what I truly thought/believed. What's worse than trying to live by something because you feel like you have to? Why impose something like that on yourself? If religion helps you/enriches your life, then stick with it but also don't feel pressured or force it on yourself if it doesn't work for you/feels like a mindless obligation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    [Life story]
    It seems to me your problem is not religion but a lack of Fi. You have no internal moral compass, so you choose between the one your parents offer (the Bible, which repels you because it is silly) and the one your career suggests (egoism, which conflicts with your desire to be kind). Instead, you should look within yourself, figure out what you can live with and what makes you happy. Read a few books on ethics, contemplate, decide and be done with it. I promise god is not going to give a shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    No offense guy, but where on earth did you concoct this theory? It sounds like it was created in Pee Wee's Playhouse.
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    I wonder if my religion will have me.

    If the guy who runs this church I go to knew about what I did, he'd come to me so fast and try and save me.
    And me, knowing me, I won't change, and I will be cast out.

    It happened before, to this girl I heard about.

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    oh my God, I'm sorry, I only skimmed barely through the wall of text.

    Anyway, I lost my religion as well for a while, you can't just follow it now, too many other possibilities, and some of it just seems shallow. I had to cut off almost completely for a while. (I say "almost" because it was ingrained in my mind since childhood.) But I was mostly an agnostic. I just had to find my own way.

    Now I believe in God from my own experiences and with a great deal of thought. It took about 8 years I would say. I'm much happier with myself and my belief system now, but I don't think I could have done it without a LOT of independent thought. Now spirituality trumps religion totally but I spread my belief system amongst multiple religions.

    I mostly considered myself a Catholic/Christian throughout my religious life but still have trouble wrapping my head around Jesus. (Yes, I know that's the whole point.) But I do pray a lot for more personal enlightenment on the matter. Good man? Prophet? Savior? I try to pray to Jesus to bond more with him and get some answers. I feel I have a greater connection to Mary.
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    Yeah, I really struggled with this and at about your age as well. My advice would be to take it slow. Try -not- to think of it actively and let your brain do the work in the background. Also, allow yourself a space for spiritual contemplation whether it be mediatation or even just listening to music without any lyrics. Often times, our brain encodes how we feel about very fundamental emotional concepts like God in symbols. So find a place to close your eyes and be calm and just let the symbols play with one another until they find a harmonious way of being with one another. I would also suggest to you that perhaps you can give up your belief in hell without giving up your belief in God. I believe @Lark is Catholic and does not believe in a literal hell (he may correct me if I am wrong). For myself, I am sort of an poly/pantheistic animist I guess. I think of God as the aggregate consciousness between the interaction of subatomic particles, fields, branes, etc while also questioning some of the basic tenets of physics/mathematics like proof by negation (which makes things quite weird indeed). I know that might not make a lot of sense, but it has been the only way I have found of grounding my thought in a more or less scientific worldview while still allowing my own inner consciousness to express itself freely in a way that is real for me. I wish you well and hope you may find the inner peace you seek.

    3 more suggestions:

    Stay away from "negative" beliefs. This CAN'T be true, this is FALSE, etc etc

    Stay away from beliefs that -require- yourself, God, or others to be "evil." Perhaps others are doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them.

    Play "let's pretend" and let yourself believe things that make you happy even if they contradict what makes most others happy. However, try to at the same time connect your beliefs to others in a way that makes both yourself and them happy. Best of luck.
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    I don't really have any input that hasn't been said in the thread already, but nobody's mentioned the song so here it is

    Jarlaxle/Mane: fact checking this thread makes me want to go all INFP on my wrists

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    Our religion is our inheritance.

    Most of us are given our religion as children and we take it in with our mother's milk. We take it for granted.

    But if we live in a liberal democratic society, we can examine our religious inheritance as we grow up.

    So I examined my religious inheritance first from an intellectual point of view, and then from an emotional point of view, and finally from a moral point of view.

    So I am grateful for being given such a rich religious inheritance - intellectually rich, musically rich, rich in art and sculpture, rich in literature, rich in ritual, and socially rich. And I have slowly, over many years, been able to dig over my inheritance and make it mine own - rejecting some parts and accepting others.

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