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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    The Jedi will cut a fart in a room then quietly excuse themselves while it builds in intensity.

    The Sith will happily fart in your face suddenly and brutally, then laugh about it afterwards.

    Not sure which is worse.
    Actually when a Sith farts, he blames someone else, chops their head off with a light saber, accusations fly around, there's a huge battle with infighting and back stabbing and betrayal, the strongest kills everyone and wipes out whole planets, then the Sith declares with pride that he intended to fart in order to foment the entire thing and make everyone kill each other.

    Then he laughs.

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    In the absenceof law and order, might would be right, power would come out of the barrel of a gun, and the certainty of any given day would be completely variable in accordance with the season of the year at a given moment, the travelers, their purpose, the value of achieving their purpose, and the degree to which they were willing to force their will on others by any means necessary to accomplish their objective.

    Even in this modern world, such decisions have multiple outcomes based on simple variables.
    Are there witnesses?
    What evidence could possibly link me to the remnants of me achieving my objective?
    To what degree am I willing to dedicate all my resources and being to what I am setting out to do, and for how long?

    But take away the modern checks & balances of law & order (however ineffective they might be) and I would place a strong wager that the total distribution of power and welath in this world would change hands rather quickly, but I also feel that the odds of going anywhere than downhill as a society of civilized people after such events took place are slim to none.

    The difference betwen the Sith and the Jedi is about as significant as that between the Republicans and the Democrats.
    It's just a matter of what each tribe has convinced themselves their quest for power is dedicated to.

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    Sith and Jedi are actually quite different.

    The Jedi actually had a stable order - until the Sith wiped them out.

    The Sith never truly had a stable order - they wiped themselves out. That's why The Rule Of Two was invented. Any more than two Sith and everything falls apart. Master and Apprentice. One to have power, and one to crave it. The master torments the apprentice, tests them, manipulates them, uses them to their own ends, and often flat out tries to kill them. All the while the apprentice is manipulating, trying to gain power, trying to survive and kill the master. That is how the apprentice becomes the master.

    Sith always betray.

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    The Jedi philosophy is based on the constant denial of 'self' and 'attachment' (i.e. strong emotions bonds), which to my mind pretty much misses the point to life, amounting to little more than a living death.

    The Sith philosophy is what happens whem force-wielding emo sociopaths go to rebellious extremes against an unpleasant philosophy.

    In short, they both suck donkey balls. The Jedi are less likely to cause suffering to outsiders (though they seem to have no compunctions against raping people's minds with the 'Jedi mind trick'), so they suck less.

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