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    coming from someone who thought about killing their self everyday for about 4 years I can understand why someone would do it. I was a very weak person, I was in a very weak mental state. nothing seemed to be a positive for me. I learned that there was so much to live for, and I found out how to tell the world FUCK YOU! If there is anyone thinking about it, please send me a PM. I know what you are going through...
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    It's generally a permanent solution to a temporary problem, never contemplated it myself and I've actively fought to prevent it, word and deed.

    My entire philosophy of life involves reverence of life& hope so I cant say it's just a choice like any other.

    In fact I got problems with the contemporary non-judgementalism and passive or tacit approval which pervades A LOT of topics like this now.
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    I am fine with suicide.

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    its selfish. when you kill yourself you are causing alot of grief to people close to you. my 14 year old(would have turned 15 two weeks ago) cousins kid killed herself last december and it caused alot of grief in my family and in her friends. im pretty sure that she could have found another solution to her temporary problems, if she would have discussed about them with her family and friends.
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    It's always painful when someone dies, no matter how they die. But calling someone selfish and encouraging them to live only to make other people happy is the worst kind of burden to put on someone.

    If my life became unbearable for whatever reason - terminal illness, or severe loss of function - I would totally decide to let it go. To me, quality of life means far more than quantity.

    I live on my own terms and I will hopefully die on my own terms, barring any unexpected surprises. Hunter S. Thompson had it right.

    But yes, I agree that it is particularly tragic and heartbreaking when a child resorts to those measures because they don't have complete understanding of the temporary nature of most problems or emotions.

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    I considered suicide when I was 14. In the end I didn't, because I thought that if I'd do that, everybody I knew except my mom would be happy and start celebrating my death. I didn't want that to happen, so I stayed alive to make sure these people wouldn't get their way, even though I suffered a lot. When I think back, I guess I was right: if I commited suicide, my teachers, the people in my school and their friends would have gotten their way. These people would have been better off without me, and I didn't want that to happen.

    I also seem to attract (ex-) suicidal people. I don't know what that is about me, they just seem to think I can support them well. Or it's just because being suicidal is so damn common (at least 1 in 10 of my peers have had suicidal thoughts, from what I've seen around me, and emo culture never even became popular here).

    I personally don't think suicide is immoral. I've been suicidal myself and I've seen many peers kill themselves for all kinds of different reasons (one of them was a drug dealer who got in serious trouble and did it impulsively, one of them had mental problems all of his life and the pills he got had the wrong effect and one of them did it for an unknown reason). Most of the time these people have so much trouble going on in their minds, that their survival instinct simply doesn't work anymore. They don't have any control over it. I don't think you can judge people on things they don't have control over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Please - if you are ever considering doing this, remember that whether it feels like it or not, there is help out there for you and things will get better. Other people need you and your life is not solely your own to do with as you please. It may just seem like a peaceful escape, that you are tired of fighting, that no one cares, that it is a way to get revenge or to see if anyone did care, but it is selfish and the damage is very far-reaching and very long term. There are more people out there who care than you may realize or be able to feel at this time. Don't rob the world of the good you could have left in it or the changes for good that you could effect. The worst will pass and things will look different again.
    I agree. I think suicide is immoral because it disrupts the lives of those around you and it's cowardly. It's not as though you're disappearing without a trace. It sets of chain reactions. In fact, depression alone can be like a disease that hops from one host to the next, moving from one cluster to the next. Suicide just compounds others' situations. Quite selfish, especially since one can't take responsibility for committing suicide once the deed is done.

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    I can see both sides of the coin on this one.

    I was suicidal at 19 and tried to take my life. I truly believed at that point that by me being out of the equation, my children would have a better chance at life. Hindsight now tells me that although my personal suffering would of ended, my children would of continued suffering and that wouldn't of been fair on them.

    If someone does not have any family though or an illness that may make them a burden on someone else then i am all for euthanasia.

    This too shall pass with the help of a good psychiatrist.

    In the case of depression though although more accepted these days, the idea of drugging people with pills and not addressing the issues is diabolical. I have clients who are long term sick, depressed, seeking help and still seem to attach themselves to the depression instead of the depression being an illness that that has attached itself to the being.
    Ultimately you are not your illness.
    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
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    I appreciate all the responses. I will get to them all very soon. Church now.

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    Many times people who try and commit suicide because of severe depression fail to see much more than the nightmares inside of them, and for any sort of depression suicide is never the way out. If you try hard enough, you can find the light again.

    For some instances though, I would understand why someone would choose to take that route, say, if they're terminally ill, don't want to suffer anymore, are being a financial burden on their family for staying alive, it's better for the whole family, since they no longer have to watch that person suffer. If you being dead or not is for the better of everyone,including yourself, then I would be okay with it. This, however does not apply to those who are depressed and think this way, for they need psychological help ASAP...and good help. I've seen several shrinks of all kinds, not one of them were helpful. In fact, they just pissed me off more, because they couldn't understand what I was going through because they all treated depression like it was some sort of generic disease that could easily be treated for everyone who had it with Prozac. That's not the case, depression can be caused differently in every single person, so don't treat it like the fucking cold.

    I don't agree that it's a selfish thing though. A lot of times in the mind of a suicidal person, they see it the opposite, as in 'They'd be better off without me', in which case they interpret the act of suicide upon themselves as a selfless act, ridding the burden of anyone they might know of their presence. They see the world in an entirely different view, and if you're younger, you have less capacity to handle such emotions and thoughts that you may be more likely to consider suicide as your only option.

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