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yes. this makes sense, that we are inside out. when you externalize your inner world, it often makes sense to me. you do not necessarily know it does, and i do not seek to agree or disagree with your point of view, but i think i generally understand the majority of what you have to say. which is rather striking, as (plainly speaking) many do not seem to.

what is also odd is that, beyond understanding the content, i believe i understand the impulse motivating many of your posts. we are very different but i understand the language you speak. and i can't think of a single cognitive function that would faithfully map back to this awareness. it makes me wonder why some of us instinctively understand one another, and confuse/irritate/enrage even, others.

Yes, it is very nice to be understood.

And yes, I have a strong sense of my inner self and when I express it, I feel satisfied.