on sensory perception, we cant say from experience its even possible.
something infp's are only too familiar with, mmh? =)
(infp's philosophical musings remind me of a certain philosoraptor meme, something you can neverr hear enoughh!)

but then there is the rational side to the coin, multiverse split theory.
where the existence multiplies itself to exist all possible paths, which would literally mean the you you can only die if no any other possible paths exist, which could possibly mean we all live for thousands, perhaps millions of years as all possible paths would include random aliens popping and making you a never lasting machine?

even if such extreme contacts are closed out of picture, split theory would still mean you not existing as a static object in a changing universe, but rather the you you would survive to the maximum end of your age no matter how incapable individual you are.

that would mean, there should exist people with careless personalities who seem to have a supernatural luck to their lives.. unfortunately, for these people to exist in amount of 7 billion in the split you and i perceive, it would.. take huge amount of splits for such person to come into existence and most likely no one but they themselves would even know of their odd beatings, nevertheless believe any of it considering how supernatural it would seem to us who have got used to never seeing such.

while with all those what i already mentioned.. if external world is actually connected to us, scientific understanding is therefore real and as such means our brains renew themselves all the time.. which means we die every day! =] (not like you could experience the dying neurons yourself, while there is ONE way you can.. drink alcohol, and for the rest of your life you will notice less brain activity perceived than before drinking, as i myself can recall from experience how my brains were much more active with higher potential before i touched alcohol.)

ok just.. anyone else has musings on this topic? =]..

EDIT: oh and i probably would consider myself a bit like that impossible to die person if it werent for my scientific understanding which explains the impossibility of such lives as mine not existing, not to mention the act of severing animals from what they naturally require for healthy mind, which is attached directly to body by the consequences.. well, is pretty deprived due the lack of applied psychology in the forming of human infrastructure and societies.. which as i mentioned deprives us from plenty of necessary things causing most of us psychological problems. oh and where i were going with all this, is, how it makes it very likely for unfortunate yet resilient despite all odds lives to exist. such as mine. and many others.