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But since it's one God, it's not the same as a human father sacrificing a human son.
Of course not. God the Father and God the Son are mytho-poetic, they are not literally true like you and your father. Rather they stand in for all fathers and all sons. They tell us something about the father-son relationship.

And they speak, mytho-poetically, to our deepest fear, namely that we will be sacrificed by the very person who cares for us and on whom we depend.

Of course today child sacrifice is against the law, and even the first improvement on child rearing, namely, child abuse, is also against the law. However the next improvement on child rearing, namely, authoritarian child rearing is within the law and commonly practised, though in developed countries it is slowly giving way to the helping mode of child rearing.

So the shadow of the Cross shows where we have come from.

So the Cross is the gnomon on the sundial of the West, showing not time but direction, or perhaps the direction of time.