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    I was afraid of the dark.

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    Nope. I was scared of elevators, failure to make my parents proud, and any nondescript creature that could occupy the dark recesses beneath my bed and in my bedroom closet.
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    Not witches in general but my dad used to read me Russian fairytales so I grew up being terrified of Baba Yaga.

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    I've never particularly enjoyed Hansel & Gretel and always thought being allured to a house of cake and confectionery to be silly and a sign of weakness.
    So no @ the OP.
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    I have a vivid memory from my early childhood of being really sad and upset about something and deciding to walk into a forest, to die or something. I lived in a rural area, surrounded by forests.
    Eventually I got lost and after walking around for god knows how long, I happened on a perfectly round clearing within the forest, and in the center of that clearing was a house, suspended on the roots of a large tree that had grown spirally around the house - a witch's house. The whole thing was swaying around and twisting and seemed to be becoming aware of my presence there.
    I turned and ran, not stopping until I eventually found my way back home, seemingly approaching it from an entirely different direction from where I had first headed off. I got home, my mother made me hot chocolate and of course didn't believe a word of what I said that had happened to me.
    It all feels like a drunken memory, but I'm sure it wasn't a dream; just some weird combination of an overactive imagination and stress. And actual witches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    No, I didn't fear witches--but, as @alcea rosea states, we fear the things that we were raised to fear (or were otherwise exposed to but didn't understand), so I could have been.
    Also: attributing effects to the wrong causes (e.g. demons causing the typoon that flooded your house because you had sex and summoned those demons) happens sometimes. Then, we get afraid of things that we really shouldn't be afraid of.

    Sometimes, those 'safety measures' are passed down from generation to generation.

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    I am a witch.

    Things that scared me would be imagining some sort of monster or killer hiding in the darkness at night while I'm sleeping. Sometimes I would be paranoid if I reached my arm out something would grab it. Although I knew it wouldn't happen the idea or surprise scared me sort of.

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    I wasn't afraid of witches... I wanted to BE a witch!

    however, I was always afraid of stuffed animals, people in animal costumes, clowns, mimes, face masks and pictures of people staring at me from the wall.... I am still afraid of these things even though I was raised to think that these things were FUN
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    No, I was never afraid of witches. Like some others have said, I never really thought they could possibly be real.

    I was afraid of ghosts, big time, though.

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    Witches in general caused me minimal trepidation. Voodoo witchdoctors/princesses on the other hand...
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