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Thread: EGO and MBTI

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    I like to take indefensible positions and make arguments for them.
    That explains the devil's advocate post about Bruce Lee.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt.Is.God View Post
    But do you think we're predisposed to behaving in certain ways? And that by studying the MBTI we learn certain aspects of our predispositions so we can BETTER shape ourselves?
    Predestined how to act according to your own moral in the current time. However you act should have solid foundation as to why you do it, and not a tediouse reason" it's because i am an Ne primary with Se back trackign with a sidding of 324234 wing on fivebillionth to the next rationilization". We should be able to express ourselves in full solid thought rather then subsitute simplified concepts. So i think that's where people use it wrong. Also the whole ego getting involved is a roadblock to further introspection.

    It's good for generalizating and in different aspects. But the way people use it as a support for ego is not how it should be used
    1+1=3 OMFG

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    MBTI is a bandaid for our bruised egos.
    Haha! Well said!

    I feel very similarly, MBTI is a slippery slope. I'm glad I signed up on INTPc before I arrived here, and have had a good taste of the variance between INTPs. Type isn't everything, and there's a lot of psychologists out there that put no validity in it for some very well argued reasons. I think that MBTI can be a very useful tool in understanding certain things about yourself, and give you an interesting perspective as to why you are the way you are. We're all humans, and so we have many many things in common with one another (all types), but we're all individuals.

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    MBTI types represent our outer persona, the face that we show to the world. If we identify too much with our "type" what we are really doing is becoming attached to our own false image, the 'idea' of who we are. Most people start molding their real personality at a very young age, usually due to parental pressure. It's a defense mechanism. When we are children we are naturally being and acting who we are, we effortlessly express our God given personality- the part of us that connects to the eternal life force. Because we know how special the gift of our real personality is, we learn to repress it in an effort to protect it & keep that part if us safe. We notice how disconnected people are from there own selves and that scares us. We are told by society, teachers, siblings, parents, friends that we have to act in certain ways in order to fit into society- this is how our ego identity (type) is created. Our true nature is actually hidden so well that many of us may have completely forgotten who we are. The shadow actually shows a more accurate representation of our true self because the shadow represents the part of us we consciously & unconsciously have tried to hide. People fear the shadow because they fear the truth of who they really are, the part they lost and abandoned. Most people sense another person within them who they want to express but are simply afraid to or don't know how to be them anymore. When we feel truly happy and comfortable usually we allow our shadow to expose itself. My outer type is INFj but I know in my heart that's not who I really am. If I lived in a supportive, safe and loving world I know my real self would feel safe enough to come out. Deep within I'm fun loving, enthusiastic, energetic and playful. Only a few people have seen that side to me. I mostly don't even know how to express it anymore.

    Our false self dies when our body dies because after this life we don't need it anymore. We created our ego to survive in the world we perceived as dangerous. We keep the valuable memories from our life but only the reality of who we are endures forever. God doesn't see what the world sees, god sees whats in our heart. The shadow should be interpreted in terms of true self.

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