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    Default Nas: "I come from the Wheel Of Ezekiel"?

    I flipped on my thrusters and googled 2 and found top 100 raps osngs of the 2011 and I was wondering, because Nas has a song as number 1 called "Nasty"(sp???). Is the song true? Is there any wisdom in this rapping?? So I set out on a journey, a vision quest, if u will, and i'm going to be there for soooooo long, but right now, tell me how you feel about these lyrics and do they make sense, beacuse I don't know about wheels of ezekiel, unless he's saying he's THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING CREATURES, as in the famous zek vision?

    Also here are lyrics but I bolded some interesting very interesting parts:

    Yeah, word
    Got some Remy Martin
    Some good-ass cigars
    Check it out

    Ayo, late night
    Fiend wit'
    In his needle
    Queensbridge leader
    No equal
    I come from the Wheel
    Of Ezekiel

    To pop
    Thousand-dollar bot-
    tles of scotch
    Smoke pot
    And heal the people
    Any rebuttal
    To what I utter
    Get box-cuttered
    Count how many bad honeys I slutted
    It's a high number
    Name a nigga under
    The same sky
    That I'm under
    Who gets money, remain fly
    Yeah, I wonder?
    Eyes flutter
    As love
    When Nas pops up
    Stars get starstruck
    Panties start drippin', the ways of Carlito
    Blaze, torpedo
    Cigars drop robes
    Drop clothes

    The XIII freaks
    Women nice size
    I ride
    Like Porsches
    Thick, brown, and gorgeous
    It ain't my fault
    Semiautomatic weapons I brought
    The world "Crazy"
    I'm rich and I'm girl-crazy
    Dick 'em
    Convince 'em
    All appraise me
    They ideology is confusion
    I lose 'em
    Fellates me
    Who hate me?
    My gun off safety
    Since a tunnel and escape key
    My jewelry in HD

    Silent rage
    Pristine in my vintage shades
    I'm not in the winters of my life or the beginning stage
    I am the dragon
    Maserati, pumpin' Biggie, the great legend
    I'm after the
    Who played Faith Evans
    My little Jackie Onassis, dig?
    I'm so high
    I +Neverland+ like Mike Jackson's crib
    Best on 45
    Still crack ya rib
    Talk trash about the Nasty Kid

    Past nasty now, I'm gross
    And repulsive
    Talk money, is you jokin'?
    Cash everywhere, in my bank, in the sofa
    In the walls
    In the cars
    In my wallet
    In my pocket
    On the floors, ceiling, the safe, bitch I got it, you envy
    But don't offend me
    I'm skinny
    But still I'm too big for a Bentley
    You are
    Your car
    What could represent me?
    Too Godly
    To be a Bugatti
    You honestly
    Must design me
    Somethin' Tommy
    From Queens had before the '90s
    Drug dealer car
    Rush to the bar
    Move niggas, we don't give a fuck who you are
    Black card
    Heavy like a magnet
    In my stitched denims
    Pretty women
    See them
    Bet a hundred stacks
    Niggas'll run it back
    Just havin' fun
    I ain't even begun to black
    Light another blunt in fact

    Nasty Kid
    The Kid!
    Nasty Kid

    For the hustlers
    As yellow bitches
    For the suck of it
    Got a bunch of niggas in prison braggin'
    Sayin' "It was Nas I used to hustle wit'"
    I display fashions
    While my lungs engage hashes
    Guns on my waist, pass this
    Since I'm cakin' up, put funds in my safe, laughin'
    And joining the niggas passin'
    You niggas was straight assin'
    Excuse the vulgarity
    I'm still not fully adjusted or used to the new fans hearin' me spit rapidly
    I never see the whips niggas be claimin' they drivin'
    I guess entertainment means "blatantly lyin'"
    Fake it
    'Til you make it
    I've driven those toys
    Been in the wars
    In the streets, cops kickin' in doors
    For my Deen, nigga
    Your flow cheap as limousine liquor
    I'm no fake rap CD listener
    Sit back and roll a mean swisher
    For my G's, tell these clowns make room for the king, nigga

    Is all Nas sooo esoteric???
    “Some people will tell you that slow is good – but I’m here to tell you that fast is better. I’ve always believed this, in spite of the trouble it’s caused me. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba…”

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    He has some esoteric things in his lyrics, but vinnie paz has more

    [Vinnie Paz] Yeah, I built with Alexander the Great He told the Persians they should stay gone Then he told me about the Oracle of Amar He gave me no clue, where it is Men feared time, yet time feared the pyramids He gave me more jewels, he told me that Amenhotep was immortal, I can't overstand hieroglyph So I called Killah Priest, and he taught me how to follow it I walked through the Valley of the Kings With a white robe, white rose and what I will brings And your whole team Judas, my road thin, gold skin like Zeus's I speak the dialog of the dead, I practiced the same wartactics In King Arthur's head, so let the swordsmen kill the beast It's a Legacy of Blood, with Vinnie Paz and Killah Priest

    [Chorus: Stoupe cuts up samples] "The Sun Won't Come Out, unless the crowd start this Cause if it was my choice, you all dance in darkness" - CL Smooth "Sun Won't Come Out" "Elements burst, and gave birth to the verse Get the pen from the nurse, and hold the mic up first" "The rhymes, the rhymes, rhymes on the altar Burn 'em as a sacrifice"

    [Killah Priest] I paint flows with the feathers from the wings of angels Red ink from saint blood, nigga, you ain't thug Stare into the face of a king's mug Crush grape, feel the wine jug, ill thoughts Build from the mind of rhyme, rose, off the tongue like fine rugs Let me walk you through this, for the clueless I'm Shakespeare'ing, with grey earrings Speak like Tiberius, write novels Spit it like Aristotle, face half Pharoah And half owl, I took the path to Cairo Came back with the Dead Sea Gospel Now known as the Dead Street Apostle We shoot 'em feds, use them hollows Bullets spread, til they meet Diablo Stars in enlightment, Priest meet with Jedi Mind Tricks Reach them climates, where you can't breath Stay high off that dead weed, in the mind is where I plant seeds To grow fruit, of king's so brute, of army troops Mighty men in celestial suits You need healing, my mic give you incredible boost Where I use satellite vision, stare at my alphabetical soup Plus I use the Big Dipper to take, more than one scoop, it's Priesthood

    [Chorus: Stouple cuts up samples] "Straight up, we serve justice So if you can't be trusted, may you return where the dust is" -Smif-N-Wessun "The rhymes, the rhymes, rhymes on the altar Burn 'em as a sacrifice" "Elements burst, and gave birth to teh first Get the pen from the nurse, and hold the mic up first" "The rhymes, the rhymes, rhymes on the voter Burn him as a sacrifice"

    [Vinnie Paz] I studied element 1-15, with the Eloheim Saw the Canaanites, Sumerians, and the Philistines This is street gospel, if you don't believe In life at Mars, that mean the beast got you You don't wanna see me and Killah Priest hostile You don't wanna see, desert eag' heat pop you This is Mothman Prophecy, walk back To the sand of Iraq, and let the prophet breath We turned all our water into toxic seas And walk in the war with armor that I copped in the Greece Then I shoot the beast, with a long arrow Studied Imhotep, to be a strong Pharoah It's a war when the God's spit It's Allah, when I split the ice birds, in the Arctic I don't care what the cause is And I'mma ride for my fam, no matter what the cost is
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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