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    Default What are others views on the age old 'perception of reality'?

    I suppose my view on this would be that we make our own point out of our existance. We aren't important as a species except within our own perceptions.

    However our fragile view of things is also a great strength, it gives us purpose and a sense of self and stops us going insane with the realisations about our own insignificance.

    Essentially we are the point, we make things a point. Our perceptions are as strong as a mountains roots and yet still as fragile as a bubble on the wind.

    I just accept the two* different views side by side and I dont think ive ever had a feeling of existential depression or doubt. To me it's simply that while in the grander scheme of cold physics and harsh atoms we are not important or even useful, at the same time we are useful and important to each other within our own perceptions. Afterall everyone tends to live their lives depending upon what they know as real or what they assume to be real. I think this is just the human brain looking for a bit of an anchor to the world around them and their own internal views.

    The scale of the universe and our smallness within it is both intimidating and awe-inspiring, although at the same time we do tend to fixate upon size, I believe there is far more to it than that.

    So what do others think? Are we both the monkey that fell out the tree and the conscious heartbeat of a universe? Or is it more one than the other? Or perhaps you have a different perception altogether? Come, share your views.

    *Technically it is more than just two views but I wanted to simplify it a bit only to stop me rambling on, afterall it isn't like this is a complex subject, just one I find interesting.

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    I've only had a few moments of "existential depression", but the awareness of futility is there often. It just doesn't always depress me. I might be engaged in something insignificant, and realize the ultimate futility of it, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it for my own ends. The universe has it's own priorities, and I have mine. Perhaps depression kicks in more often with people who want to reflect the nature of the universe. A quest for a greater meaning beyond themselves. That's probably healthy to a point, but it can be taken to an extreme. Just like one's own inflated sense of significance can be taken to an extreme.

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    The universe is an evil mastermind that seeks to enslave and control us all, like puppets attached to strings.... NEW WORLD ORDER... MUST RESIST

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