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    [YOUTUBE="UHohEY-IQ_w"]Conan, what is best in life?[/YOUTUBE]
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson

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    Smile The Lottery of Life

    Quote Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
    Is good looking.
    The only thing better is to be dumb and good looking, but on reflection it is better to be dumb, good looking with rat cunning. And even better is to be dumb, good looking with rat cunning and your Mommy good looking and your Daddy rich.

    On the other hand, you could win the lottery of life by being born in Oz.

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    Whoever craves the longer length of life,
    not content to desire a moderate span,
    him I will judge with no uncertainty: he clings to folly.

    For the long years lay in deposit many things nearer to pain than joy;
    but as for your delights, you will find them nowhere,
    when someone's life has fallen beyond the fitting period.

    The Helper comes at last to all alike,
    when the fate of Hades is suddenly revealed,
    without marriage-song, or lyre, or dance: Death at the end.

    Not to be born is, beyond all estimation, best;
    but when a man has seen the light of day,
    this is next best by far, that with utmost speed he should go back from where he came.

    For when he has seen youth go by, with its easy merry-making,
    what hard affliction is foreign to him, what suffering does he not know?
    Envy, factions, strife, battles, and murders.

    Last of all falls to his lot old age,
    blamed, weak, unsociable, friendless,
    wherein dwells every misery among miseries.

    From Oedipus at Colonus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
    Is good looking.

    -People talk to you if you're good looking.
    -You can talk better if you're good looking and if you can go really far in this world.
    -Good looking people get other good looking people
    -'Looks attracts, Heart keeps' If you don't look good what is there for the heart to keep?

    Thats how it is.

    I doubt the women of Eastern Congo are blessing their good looks. Op's view is far too general and bold a statement to make, i disagree.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Good looks are bit trivial to be called the best thing to be. It can certainly add a lot to a person's happiness, but I doubt anyone's end goal in life is to be aesthetically pleasing to other people. I say aesthetically pleasing instead of attractive, because there is a lot more to attraction than one's physique.
    As @HelenOfTroy brought up, it's also largely culture dependent - both the valuing of good looks and the accepted characteristics of it. In the west, where it seems to be of greater import, people also have a greater control over it via plastic surgery etc. Despite that, good looking can still be absolutely miserable due to other misfortunes, and if they don't even value the things you brought up in the original post (attracting other people) as highly as you do, then it means little to them.

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    Content (and it makes the egotistic and narcissistic angry).

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    I'm sure it'd be nice to be in the 99th percentile in looks or whatever the metric is....but... the best thing you can be? Eh. It's so surface level. Most rewarding things in the world take a lot of work to maintain, which beauty doesn't help with at all.

    If you want a bunch of really short relationships, I guess I agree that it'd be a great trait to have.

    I think it's much more important what you do and say once you have someone's attention, though -- getting their attention isn't even close to half the battle (but it's the main part that being attractive helps with).

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    I know this is right. I always get confused when I see a good looking person with a not good looking person. Probably the reason I'll never get the person I like.

    Also good looking people never have chest hair or any kind of unattractive body hair.

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    look at me.
    yes, right there, to the left! <.<

    does this make me happy?
    no, but it did made me once narcissistic, which is the opposite of progressive contentness.
    may be nice for a while, until you realize how insignificant a thing it really is.

    although.. YEAH i LOVE my looks =)
    yes my natural hair colour is exactly what i want to be, my eyes are exactly the colour i want them to be. natural beauty.
    as for the mishaps, you wont see them as i use my charm to conceal them by not allowing your attention to get bored.
    charm works much better than anything else to conceal what you dont want others to see.
    (not very healthy attitude in general, better pride in something which actually benefits my progression as a person. and generally, life for pride is not contentful, and thus i have more to resist than what others have..)
    oh, and those colours were.. hair golden silverish sand, eyes green.

    its not about what _is_ beautiful, its about _how_ you can see it as beautiful.

    i suppose this is a funny thing, but ive never seen a human of my gender i would consider more beautiful than i am.
    (while yes, that means of opposite i have, but just one. comparison between genders kind of impossible though.)
    what makes it funny, is for not many can say that, but everyone should cause you are how you see yourself as.
    and looks in particular, wont stay.

    *turning momentary narcissism off*

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    The best thing I can be in life is to become the Ultimate Cosmic Superpower that masterminds the fall and destruction of God Almighty, overthrowing him and ursurping his Grand Throne in a single brilliant stroke! ALL HAIL RAPTORWIZARD! ALL HAIL RAPTORWIZARD!

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