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    Everytime I read the phrase "agnostic atheist" I have to think of Madonnas virginity. I am seriously wondering thru what event in the past, my brain formed this permanent connection :/

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    Belief in God is a trance. We put aside our cognitive faculties and allow ourselves to imagine God.

    Trances vary from a light trance, such as the trance of a believer who goes to church occasionally, to a deep trance, such as a believer who hallucinates Jesus as their Friend, or the Virgin Mary as their Mother. And in between there are various levels of trance.

    Agnostics tend to have woken from the religious trance, but often enough they will fall prey to other trances unbeknownst to themselves.

    So agnostics remain proud of having woken from one trance, only to be entranced by another.

    The only cure is to learn to put ourself into a trance, take ourself to a level we desire, then wake ourselves progressively from the trance, back into our full cognitive faculties, refreshed and relaxed.

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    OMG sx


    Trance not the mind but mind the trance whut?
    1+1=3 OMFG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    As an agnostic atheist, I would say that Dawkins is deluded or fails at making meaningful numerical scales

    If no one can be totally sure, why even have 1-7

    Why not just make it a scale of 2-6?

    But that is stupid, because you can absolutely be sure of yourself

    Why can't a perfectly average human being believe something with great certainty? Certainty great enough to make doubt an unnecessary expenditure of our valuable time in this beautiful world
    You'd have to ask Dawkins.

    I used to be in with the whole militant atheism thing until I realized just how retarded it is. I haven't even read any of the atheism books in a few years, so I'm a poor source for this stuff.

    Read The God Delusion yourself if you're really curious, maybe Dawkins explains it better than I remember.

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