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    Quote Originally Posted by ReflecTcelfeR View Post
    Is a socially unacceptable thought equally as abhorrent as a socially unacceptable action?

    So is a subjectively unacceptable thought equally as objectively wrong as a subjectively unnacceptable action? Objectively speaking, no.

    But subjectively there are infinite differnt thoughts and actions and sociall cultures and infinite ways to perceive these things, so in that case, yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    That depends on the context. Certainly thinking about stabbing your boss in the face is socially unacceptable, but it's not really punishable by law until you begin actively planning to do it...but we also condemn racists for having socially unacceptable views as much as those who actually commit hate crimes (within reason.)

    Some thoughts you have no control over. What if you (accidentally or not) harmed someone in a dream? You technically thought about it on some level. Should you be punished for it? (Maybe you will if your religion demands it, but it's not something that could be enforced.)

    Not to go too off-topic: when I think of the phrase "it's the thought that counts," it tends to apply in a context in which someone has failed to appease someone else despite their effort...or if something is unappreciated. To me, the thought behind this thread is closer to the saying "the path to hell is lined in good intentions."

    Nevertheless, we often say "actions speak louder than words." So while it may be "bad" to think about something awful, it's "worse" to actually do it.
    These are my thoughts exactly.

    On a related note, if we have a socially unacceptable thought, to what extent should we censor those thoughts from others? For example, if I hate something about a certain race or someone makes me so upset I want to punch them?
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